Why Didn't I Stop?

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The other day I saw the saddest thing ... an elderly lady walking across the street, that obviously was not the part that made me sad.As she walked across the street in front of my truck with the assistance from a young native man they chatted easily walking past my vehicle, and as they walked past the nosy person I am checked out everything I could tho I knew I most likely wouldnt remember once I had past more then a block ... i noticed bit by bit that this woman was pleasantly dressed in clean attire and prolly out to do errands such as banking or groceries but something seemed slightly off so I looked again and noticed this time that the woman had no gloves on. I thought to myself,"oh that poor gal forgot to grab gloves in the rush to get out the door and on her way" . Still her image nagged at me to look further, "my goodness but she has no hat or toque either ... surely her ears must feel the sting of the wind and the bite of the cool air". So I look to her face and still she seems not to notice as she chats eagerly to the young man at her side. I say to my father "look there at that lady I bet shes chilly today" and we have a bit of a chuckle and start to forget about her as she has reached the corner of the block and nearing the point to which we will not be able to see her clearly for the building will be obstructing our view. So taking a final glance I notice that she does not have a jacket on but that warm fleecy type sweater you wear under your jacket or in the early fall and late spring and tiny tennis shoes that young children wear in summer and light slacks!! Now I am angry!! not only did this woman not dress near warm enough for the weather, the young man who I assume is her grandson or son has let her go out like that!! Driving across the intersectiong I take a final look in the mirror shaking my head at the whole idea of it and see that the young man is talking to her and sending her on her way in a very typical manner of someone who has never met this person and would like to be on his way. Yes the young man was simply a good samaratin who was asked to help an old lady across the street and obliged. Stunned I drive on and contintue my own journey thruout the city. That was a few days ago now and still the image of the pleasant looking old lady is in my head and I wonder did she make it to her destination alright? Why hadn't she worn better outter wear on such a cold windy mornnig? But most of all .... why didnt I stop? I had plenty of time and room in my vehicle ... why didnt I make sure she was alright istead of simply pushing it aside in my conscience saying to myself shes not my problem? Why was it so easy for me to do it and for that matter everyone else I saw that day driving on that street? I know in my heart if it had been someone I loved I would have wanted someone to stop? So would I not extend that courtesy to someone elses someone?

Our elderly are precious and few. They carry the knowledge of a lifetime lived, and the wisdom of their years. As a younger generation we should not so easily overlook this or them in our vision for our futures.

To the young man who helped her across the street... it only took a second out of your life and you were prolly thinking "Why did she hafta be there at the same time as me and ask for help?" or at least thats what I prolly would have been thinking had it been me when I was your age, but you helped her and that was what counted in the scheme of things, and I will remember you as well.

Lady I know youll prolly never read this but I want you to know that I am sorry and that youve made a difference in my life.That I will take that second look from now on ... that I do want to help I do care .... and I pray that you are safe and warm and loved.


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