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The Prince Albert area joins southern Saskatchewan in facing a thunderstorm watch, as of late Tuesday afternoon.


A map of Tuesday's severe thunderstorm watch area.

“Conditions are favourable for the development of dangerous thunderstorms that may be capable of producing damaging wind gusts, large hail and heavy rain,” Environment Canada warns.

A low pressure system is tracking northeast across southern Saskatchewan, with thunderstorms expected throughout the afternoon and evening.

“Due to the hot and unstable airmass, some of these thunderstorms have the potential to become severe. More thunderstorms over southern Alberta may affect portions of southwestern Saskatchewan overnight.”

The following areas are included under the severe thunderstorm watch;

R.M. of Shellbrook including Sturgeon Lake Res.; R.M. of St Peter including Muenster and Lake Lenore; R.M. of Wolverine including Burr; R.M. of Leroy including Leroy; R.M. of Grant including Vonda Prud'homme and Smuts; R.M. of Duck Lake including Duck Lake and Beardy's Res.; R.M. of Hoodoo including Wakaw and Cudworth; R.M. of Humboldt including Humboldt Carmel and Fulda; R.M. of Bayne including Bruno Peterson and Dana; R.M. of Fish Creek including Alvena; R.M. of Aberdeen including Aberdeen; City of Saskatoon; R.M. of Piapot including Piapot; R.M. of Gull Lake including Gull Lake and Tompkins; R.M. of Carmichael including Carmichael; R.M. of Glen Bain including Glen Bain; R.M. of Lawtonia including Hodgeville; R.M. of Lakeside including Watson and Quill Lake; R.M. of Lakeview including Wadena and Clair; R.M. of Whiska Creek including Vanguard Neville and Pambrun; R.M. of Spalding including Spalding; R.M. of Excelsior including Waldeck Rush Lake and Main Centre; R.M. of Ponass Lake including Rose Valley Fosston and Nora; R.M. of Vanscoy including Delisle Asquith and Vanscoy; R.M. of Perdue including Perdue and Kinley; R.M. of Coulee including Neidpath and McMahon; District of Lakeland including Emma Lake and Anglin Lake; R.M. of Morse including Herbert Morse Ernfold and Gouldtown; R.M. of Corman Park including Martensville Warman and Langham; R.M. of Eagle Creek including Arelee and Sonningdale; R.M. of Spiritwood including Spiritwood and Leoville; R.M. of Canwood including Debden and Big River Res.; R.M. of Mount Hope including Semans; R.M. of Last Mountain Valley including Govan and Duval; R.M. of Moose Range including Carrot River and Tobin Lake; R.M. of Lac Pelletier including Blumenhof; R.M. of Swift Current including Swift Current and Wymark; R.M. of Webb including Webb and Antelope lake; R.M. of Nipawin including Nipawin Aylsham and Pontrilas; R.M. of Saskatchewan Landing including Stewart Valley; R.M. of Rosthern including Rosthern Hague and Carlton; R.M. of Usborne including Lanigan Drake and Guernsey; R.M. of Laird including Waldheim Hepburn and Laird; R.M. of Riverside including Cabri Pennant and Success; R.M. of Prairie Rose including Jansen and Esk; R.M. of Wreford including Nokomis and Venn; R.M. of Leask including Leask Mistawasis Res. and Parkside; R.M. of Meeting Lake; R.M. of Eyebrow including Eyebrow and Brownlee; R.M. of Enfield including Central Butte; R.M. of Huron including Tugaske; R.M. of Maple Bush including Riverhurst and Douglas Prov. Park; R.M. of Canaan including Lucky Lake; R.M. of Victory including Beechy; R.M. of Touchwood including Serath and Touchwood Hills Prov. Park; R.M. of Kellross including Kelliher and Lestock; R.M. of Torch River including Choiceland and White Fox; R.M. of Kutawa including Raymore Punnichy and Poorman Res.; R.M. of Great Bend including Radisson and Borden; R.M. of Emerald including Wishart and Bankend; R.M. of Blaine Lake including Blaine Lake; R.M. of Big Quill including Wynyard Dafoe and Kandahar; R.M. of Lacadena including Kyle Tyner and Sanctuary; R.M. of Redberry including Hafford and Krydor; R.M. of Elfros including Elfros Leslie and Mozart; R.M. of Arm River including Davidson and Girvin; R.M. of Big Arm including Imperial and Liberty; R.M. of Willner west of Davidson; R.M. of Craik including Craik and Aylesbury; R.M. of Harris including Harris and Tessier; R.M. of Sarnia including Holdfast Chamberlain and Dilke; R.M. of Montrose including Donovan and Swanson; R.M. of Marquis including Tuxford Keeler and Buffalo Pound; R.M. of Milden including Dinsmore Milden and Wiseton; R.M. of Dufferin including Bethune and Findlater; R.M. of Fertile Valley including Conquest Macrorie and Bounty; R.M. of King George northwest of Lucky Lake; R.M. of Coteau including Birsay and Danielson Prov. Park; R.M. of Willow Creek including Gronlid and Fairy Glen; R.M. of Connaught including Ridgedale and New Osgoode; R.M. of Star City including Melfort and Star City; R.M. of Tisdale including Tisdale Eldersley and Sylvania; R.M. of Pleasantdale including Naicam and Pleasantdale; R.M. of Barrier Valley including Archerwill and McKague; R.M. of Rudy including Outlook and Glenside; R.M. of Wood Creek including Simpson; R.M. of Shamrock including Shamrock and Kelstern; R.M. of McCraney including Kenaston and Bladworth; R.M. of Rosedale including Hanley; R.M. of Rodgers including Coderre and Courval; R.M. of Morris including Watrous Young and Zelma; R.M. of Chaplin including Chaplin; R.M. of Dundurn including Dundurn and Blackstrap Prov. Park; R.M. of Lost River including South Allan and the Allan Hills; R.M. of Wheatlands including Mortlach and Parkbeg; R.M. of Loreburn including Elbow Loreburn and Hawarden; R.M. of Kinistino including Kinistino and James Smith Res.; R.M. of Invergordon including Yellow Creek and Tarnopol; R.M. of Lake Lenore including St. Brieux; R.M. of Flett's Springs including Beatty Ethelton and Pathlow; R.M. of Three Lakes including Middle Lake and St Benedict; R.M. of Moose Jaw including Pasqua and Bushell Park; R.M. of Pittville including Hazlet; R.M. of Pense including Pense Belle Plaine and Stony Beach; R.M. of Miry Creek including Abbey Lancer and Shackleton; City of Moose Jaw; R.M. of Clinworth including Sceptre Lemsford and Portreeve; R.M. of Hillsborough including Crestwynd and Old Wives lake; R.M. of Garden River including Meath Park and Albertville; R.M. of Buckland including Wahpeton Res. and Spruce Home; R.M. of Caron including Caronport and Caron; R.M. of Redburn including Rouleau and Hearne; R.M. of Baildon including Briercrest; R.M. of Paddockwood including Candle Lake and Paddockwood; R.M. of Happyland including Leader Prelate and Mendham; R.M. of Deer Forks including Burstall and Estuary; R.M. of St Louis including One Arrow Res. and Domremy; R.M. of Birch Hills including Muskoday Res.; R.M. of Prince Albert including Davis; R.M. of Kelvington including Yellowquill Res.; R.M. of Fox Valley including Fox Valley; R.M. of Ituna Bon Accord including Ituna and Hubbard; R.M. of Enterprise including Richmound; R.M. of Foam Lake including Foam Lake and Fishing Lake Res.; R.M. of Sasman including Margo Kylemore and Nut Mountain; R.M. of Big Stick including Golden Prairie; R.M. of Viscount including Viscount and Plunkett; R.M. of Blucher including Allan Clavet Bradwell and Elstow; R.M. of Colonsay including Colonsay and Meacham; City of Prince Albert; R.M. of Arborfield including Arborfield and Zenon Park; R.M. of Bjorkdale including Greenwater Lake Prov. Park



Organizations: Environment Canada

Geographic location: Southern Saskatchewan, Southern Alberta, Southwestern Saskatchewan

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