Letter to the Editor: Gordon R. Dumont — July 31, 2014

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Gaza is led by a unity (coalition) government. One of their two ruling government parties is an internationally condemned terrorist organization -- Hamas. Part of its charter is to wipe another country off the face of the earth.

They embed their “warriors” amongst their own civilian population, and use apartment buildings, schools, churches and hospitals as rocket launch sites to fire deadly missiles at another country’s civilian population.

The other country says “enough terrorism” and tells Hamas it will destroy all of their rocket launch sites, no matter where they are hidden. They even warn them ahead of time so that their civilians may escape, but brave Hamas flee these sites without warning their own civilians!

Hamas uses its own people as cannon fodder in a vicious propaganda war. They let hundreds of innocent, peaceful Palestinians die, hoping the world will blame the other guy.

Hamas should realize that trying to wipe out another country off the face of the earth will only get themselves wiped off. Good riddance! There will be peace in the Middle East only when all governments and groups sign on to the United Nations charter that recognizes the human rights of all people to life and liberty.

Only when Hamas recognizes Israel’s right to exist will they win peace for their own people and the two-state solution becomes a reality.


Gordon R. Dumont

Prince Albert

Organizations: Hamas, United Nations, Prince Albert

Geographic location: Gaza, Middle East, Israel

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