Saskatchewan RCMP Blotter — June 21-23, 2014

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Press releases from RCMP across the province. Unedited and straight from the source.



La Ronge RCMP





La Ronge RCMP are currently at the scene and investigating a fuel truck accident that occurred 9 km south of Missinipi on Highway 102.  A fuel truck loaded with gasoline left the road and overturned off the roadway.  A quantity of fuel has been spilled as a result.  Clean up crews are en route.  The driver of the fuel truck was taken to hospital for non life threatening injuries.  The investigation is in the preliminary stages as to the causation of the accident.


Further updates will be made as they become available.



Saskatoon RCMP





At 8pm this evening, Saskatoon RCMP received information from Saskatoon Police Service regarding a female who had suffered an injury to her neck at Clarence Avenue and Victor Road.  The female was transported to the Royal University Hospital where she was pronounced deceased.  One adult female is currently in custody.  The investigation is in its preliminary stages at this time.


Further updates will be forthcoming as they are made available.



La Ronge RCMP




La Ronge RCMP reports that fourteen year old Catrina Charles has been safely located.


RCMP would like to thank the public for their assistance in the matter.



Beauval RCMP




Beauval RCMP & the Underwater Recovery Team (URT) have removed the pick up truck from the bottom of the Beaver River and the bodies inside the vehicle have been recovered.


Further updates will be done as they come available.



La Ronge RCMP


1529 hours


On June 23rd, 2014, fourteen year old Catrina CHARLES was reported missing to the La Ronge RCMP. CHARLES was last seen at 2 a.m. on June 22nd leaving a party on the Kitsakie First Nation.


CHARLES is described as five feet tall with short brown hair and two piercings below her bottom lip. CHARLES was last seen wearing a black jacket with white sleeves, a white t-shirt with a red heart, blue jeans and black boots.  


RCMP are asking anyone with information on Catrina CHARLES to call the La Ronge RCMP Detachment at 306-425-6730 or the general RCMP line at 310-RCMP (7267).



Beauval RCMP

RCMP Beauval along with the Underwater Recovery Team (URT) continue their investigation into this collision. URT have faced some challenges with the river current and poor visibility during their efforts today. It has been confirmed that there are two bodies within the pickup truck that is at the bottom of the river.


Efforts now are being made to move the vehicle from the bottom of the river onto land. It is unknown how long this process will take.


Pictures and updates will be done as they become available.



Saskatoon HCU Missing Person Research Project


12:20 P.M


The "F" Division Major Crime, Historical Case Unit (HCU) is responsible for investigating unsolved murders and missing persons in the Province of Saskatchewan.  In a pro-active approach for locating missing persons whom are presumed drowned in the Saskatchewan River Systems, the Saskatoon HCU launched a research project in the fall of 2013 which continued in February of 2014.


This research project involved placing a pig carcass, attached with a tracking device, in the North (2013) and South Saskatchewan River (2014), and monitoring its movements, temperature, flow rates of the river, and determine it's final resting location.  The main purpose of this project is to determine how far, and how quick, a body could travel down the river before reaching its final resting point.


On February 19, 2014 a pig attached with a tracking device was placed in the South Saskatchewan river in Saskatoon. It was monitored on a regular basis and remained submerged at the bottom of the river until May 25, 2014 when it began to move.  On June 8th the signal from the tracking device was received near the Weldon Ferry, approximately 190 kilometres down stream from Saskatoon.


On June 17th, 2014, members of the Historical Case unit along with the assistance from Saskatoon Police Air Services and the Saskatchewan Water Security Agency located the tracking equipment along with the temperature probe that was initially attached to the animal.  The equipment was located at the same location as the signal was received on June 8th.  Unfortunately the equipment somehow became detached from the animal. We believe that scavengers in the remote area are more than likely responsible for the dislodging of the equipment from the carcass.


Data is still being collected in relation to the temperature of the pig carcass, water temperature, and flow rates, which will assist investigators future missing persons cases where they are presumed to have drowned in the river.


Any questions regarding this project can be directed to Cpl. Tyler Hadland of the Saskatoon Historical Case Unit.





Saskatchewan Internet Child Exploitation Unit

June 23, 2014




On Friday June 20, members of the Saskatchewan Internet Child Exploitation Unit with assistance from the North Battleford RCMP detachment members, executed a search warrant in North Battleford, Saskatchewan, and arrested a 37 year old male.


This investigation was connected to Operation Snapshot III which wrapped up at the end of May, 2014.


Arrested was Edward Andy KAHSOKEO, (DOB-1977-04-21). KAHSOKEO was charged with Accessing Child Pornography, Possession of Child Pornography, and Making Available Child Pornography.


KAHSOKEO will be appearing in North Battleford Provincial Court on August 11, 2014.


The Saskatchewan ICE Unit is comprised of investigators from the R.C.M.P., Regina Police Service, Saskatoon Police Service and Prince Albert Police Service.  Their mandate is to investigate crimes involving the abuse and/or exploitation of children on the Internet.



North Battleford RCMP

2014 June 20 6:00 am - 2014 June 23 6:00 am


2014 June 23 12:00 pm


Over 120 calls for service over this three day period including, 10 Municipal Bylaw/Noise Complaints, 8 reports of a suspicious persons, 18 Traffic complaints/occurrences, 6 False/Nuisance 911 call, 12 False Alarms, 1 call to assist ambulance personnel.



744 am - Report of a teenage girl entering complainants home briefly, staring a the washing machine for a while and then leaving.  Youth later found intoxicated a short distance away and taken to hospital for treatment.


1008 am - Playground equipment on 17th Avenue spray painted overnight.  No permanent damage.


121 pm - Report of a vehicle tearing the door of another vehicle off at a gas station on 100th Street.  Suspect vehicle then fled north without stopping.  Investigation ongoing.


414 pm - 36 year old woman arrested for Causing a Disturbance, found extremely intoxicated walking in traffic on 14th Avenue.


739 pm - Report of ongoing harassment issue between two acquaintances.


834 pm - Recovered a mountain bike on 110th Street, not reported stolen, held in police custody until owner is found.


857 pm - Intoxicated male knocking on doors to residence on 99th Street.  36 year old male located and arrested for Mischief, held in custody until sober.


916 pm - 43 year old male arrested fro Mischief after being found violating a no trespass order at a business on Territorial Drive North.  Also facing new charges of Possession of Marihuana found during arrest.


920 pm - 17 year old youth arrested for Public Intoxication, found walking down 100th Street.


1103 pm - 45 year old woman arrested for Causing a Disturbance after complaint of intoxicated woman yelling and screaming on Winder Crescent.  Held in custody until sober.



1219 am - Report of 2 youth who appear to be checking out vehicles on Panton Avenue.  Patrols for subjects negative.


1246 am - Vehicle gone through on 14th Avenue.  Nothing taken, vehicle left unlocked.  Reported to be three suspects.


212 am - Caller reporting an intoxicated woman banging on her door on Ross Crescent.  41 year old woman arrested, found sitting on front porch and held in custody until sober.


228 am - Unwanted intoxicated guest refusing to leave a residence on 109th Street.  Subject left on her own when police called and not located.


248 am - Subject taken to hospital with minor injuries sustained in an assault.  Victim provided several different versions of the incident and was quite intoxicated at time of interview.  Investigation ongoing.


310 am - 38 year old male facing charges of Failing to Comply with Undertaking, out past curfew.


402 am - Noise complaint on Panton Avenue of people yelling.  Two subjects located near scene, intoxicated.  18 year old male was arrested for Public Intoxication and held in custody until sober, second subject advised to go home.


407 am - 17 year old male youth arrested and charged with Possession of a Weapon for a Dangerous Purpose, after patrolling members located subject on 109th Street in possession of Bear Spray.  A 16 year old female youth was also arrested and is being charged with 2 counts of Failing to comply with Probation.


415 am - Report of intoxicated male yelling on 110th Street.  50 year old male located and arrested for Causing a Disturbance, held in custody until sober.


553 am - 911 call of a disturbance/fight at a residence on 102nd Street.  No cooperation from persons on scene and advised to be quiet.


603 am - Call of shots fired on Winder Crescent at an apartment, which turned out to just be one heavily intoxicated person causing a scene and banging things and throwing property into the parking lot.  24 year old male arrested for Mischief and held in custody until sober.


742 am - Report of three bikes stolen from Ross Crescent, recovered by owner in a yard a short distance away.  Remains under investigation.


830 am - 17 year old youth arrested and transported to Hospital, found unconscious and highly intoxicated on 104th Street.


935 am - Lawnmower stolen from a yard on St Laurent Drive some time over previous few days.


1043 am - 21 year old woman arrested and charged with Impaired Driving and Driving while over .08 after a vehicle stop on Douglas Avenue.  1st court appearance is scheduled for July 21st.


1112 am - 21 year old woman facing charges of Failing to Comply with Undertaking X 2 after failing to report to detachment as required.


1222 pm - Report of children left home alone since 8 am.  Three children found in residence on 101st Street, between ages of 2 and 11.  Investigation ongoing.


1241 pm - Two vehicle collision on 12th Avenue.  Both vehicles sustained significant damage and were towed from scene.  No injuries reported, cause still under investigation.


133 pm - Report of a possible break and enter to a residence on 108th Street, male that does not live there noted in an apartment.  Subject located and found to have outstanding warrants from Saskatoon which were executed, however, he was confirmed to be welcome in the residence.


400 pm - Two persons arrested for outstanding warrants out of Saskatoon after a vehicle stop on Railway Avenue East.


639 pm - 36 year old woman Arrested and Charged with Public Intoxication, found sleeping on sidewalk on 101st Street.


806 pm - Report of attempted shoplifting on Thompson Crescent.  Store retrieved items, patrols for suspect were negative.


922 pm - Report of intoxicated and unwanted guest at a home on 108th Street.  34 year old woman arrested and held in custody until sober.



354 am - Theft of outdoor lights on 1000 block of 104th Street.


407 am - 19 year old male arrested for assault after 911 call of a fight in progress.  Victim not cooperative, matter still under investigation.  No charges laid to this point.


543 am - Report of an older male wondering down the middle of the street carrying a very sharp stick.  Male found, he was just out walking his dog.


714 am - 25 year old male arrested for Public Intoxication after several reports of an intoxicated male crying and  rolling around on a driveway and in the street on 104th Street.  Apparently upset that he had completely forgot how to walk.


1024 am - Two vehicle collision at intersection of Territorial Drive and Clements Drive.  A 26 year old driver of one of the vehicles was transported to hospital with minor injuries and treated.  He is also facing charges of Impaired Driving, Driving while over .08, Dangerous Driving and Taking a Motor Vehicle without consent.  He has been released from custody and is scheduled to appear in North Battleford Provincial Court on July 14th.


1039 am - White 2003 Ford F150 stolen from 1100 block of 108th Street by a guest of the victim who had spent the night then took victim's truck while he was sleeping.  Saskatchewan License 262 IXV on truck.


1201 pm - Vehicle window damaged while parked on 1900 block of 99th Street overnight.


505 pm - Theft of a bike from a residence on Douglas Avenue.


842 pm - Hit and run reported in a parking lot on Railway Avenue East.  Suspect vehicle and driver have since been identified, investigation ongoing.


855 pm - 44 year old male arrested and charged with Failing to Comply with Probation after multiple reports of intoxicated male walking down the middle of 104th Street.



113 am - 21 year old male arrested for Causing a Disturbance after complaint of intoxicated male walking down the middle of Highway 16.


139 am - 3 women, ages 24, 24 and 28 arrested after report of persons going through cars on 113th Street.  Investigation ongoing.






Beauval RCMP


4:30 pm


At approximately 7:15 am yesterday morning, Beauval RCMP received a complaint relating to a possible impaired driver which was speeding around the community of Beauval.  Patrols for the vehicle were negative.  It was learned that there were two local males (in their 20's) seen in the vehicle which was described as a silver Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck.

During patrols for the vehicle and the two males, there was debris noted at a bridge on highway 165.  The debris found included vehicle parts - some of which was silver / grey in colour along with wood debris from the bridge. This bridge at the Beaver River is the first bridge after leaving Beauval, Saskatchewan and travelling towards Lac La Plonge, Saskatchewan.  It is believed that the vehicle is below the water which is roughly 20 feet deep. Underwater cameras were used by RCMP and local community members.  An object resembling a vehicle was observed in the camera images.

The Underwater Recovery Team (URT) is en route to the scene and expected to arrive this evening.  A preliminary examination of the scene by URT is expected to be conducted prior to the recovery effort beginning.

The scene where this occurred is secured by police and there is a large gathering of concerned family and community members as well.

A further update is anticipated tomorrow, however, if more details come to light prior to then, an updated media release will be sent.

Organizations: RCMP

Geographic location: Beauval, Saskatchewan, Beaver River Lac La Plonge

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