One-way streets being considered in the east flat

Tyler Clarke
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Coun. Tim Scharkowski saw his inquiry discussed at Monday’s city council meeting -- that the implications of making a handful of east flat area streets one-ways be looked into. 

With traffic barely able to squeeze past other vehicles on several east flat area streets, Coun. Tim Scharkowski suggests that one-way streets might be a solution.


 Vehicles have been sideswiping one another as they drive down streets numbered eight through 12, between First Avenue East and Sixth Avenue East, he told council.

“Now we’re actually ticketing people who park on the boulevard because the street isn’t wide enough,” he said.

In her report, transportation manager Keri Sexmith suggests against making the streets one-ways at this time.

Speed may increase along these streets as a result of the driving surface made wider and fewer obstacles in the way of traffic, she concluded.

“I would sooner hear from the residents who live in that area to hear what their thoughts are,” Coun. Ted Zurakowski said.

“At this point, I’m certainly not going to shy away from the intent of Coun. Scharkowski. I would like to take a closer look at this and take a further look than what this report is suggesting.

“I haven’t heard anything that throws up a red flag and says this isn’t a good idea.”

Coun. Lee Atkinson both lives in and serves this ward, and noted during Monday’s meeting that nobody parks on the boulevard at this time of year “because it’s pretty much impossible to park anywhere near the curb.”

Now we’re actually ticketing people who park on the boulevard because the street isn’t wide enough. Tim Scharkowski

Even when there isn’t snow, Atkinson said that the streets are too narrow, with parked vehicles making the streets one lane wide.

“People have expectation of parking in front of their house rather than trying to find somewhere to park their vehicle in the rear of their house or on their own property,” he said. “There is no legal requirement to provide parking in front of your home. The street is not your property.

“We need a different mindset of getting people to allocate or re-allocate land on their own property for their own vehicle rather than leaving them on the street.”

Altering his initial motion, Scharkowski requested that administration come up with a more thorough report than the one provided for this week’s meeting. Within the new report he wants to see information and statistics gathered from other cities.

Scharkowski successfully motioned to have the report come to council by March, at which time it will again come up for public discussion. 

Geographic location: First Avenue East, Sixth Avenue East

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