First half of Winter Games concludes with more Lakeland medals

Andrew Schopp
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Lakeland's Josh Guthrie (left) took home the silver medal on Wednesday in the +50kg judo skills competition joined by teammate Brett Sather (right) who took bronze. Regina's Alex Li (centre) won gold in the event while his district continues to lead the pack in the Game's medal count. Herald photo by Andrew Schopp 

The first half of the 2014 Saskatchewan Winter Games wrapped up on Wednesday as nine events concluded to make way for the Games second half events.

Lakeland collected their final medals in the Game’s first half, striking gold in judo, air pistol and special “o” bowling on Wednesday.

Nine new events including snowboarding, curling and biathlon kick off on Thursday.

Lakeland medals in judo yet again 

The Lakeland judo team continued to pull their weight in the district’s medal count as the event wrapped up with the individual skills competition on Wednesday at Carlton Comprehensive High School. 

Lakeland won gold, bronze and a pair of silver medals on Wednesday as judo concluded with a stirring closing ceremony.

Miranda Bellisle, who struck gold on Monday in the individual +55kg competition, took home her second gold on Wednesday, winning the +50kg skills competition. 

Bellisle was joined on the podium by Megan Neuman, who took silver.

As she predicted on Tuesday, Lakeland coach Deborah McKay knew her squad would find themselves on the podium at the event’s closing ceremonies. 

“There were some trying moments but our results showed that we did very good,” McKay said. “They all went in confident and did their skills to the best of their ability.”

On the podium for the males, was Josh Guthrie who took home his second medal of the Games, winning silver in the +50kg skills competition, along with Brett Sather who won bronze.

McKay thought her team performed well in the skills competition, which differs heavily from the individual battles.

“It’s different because they had so many people in their categories, it wasn’t just fighting it was demonstration,” she explained. “They were graded against everyone in their category.”

As members of Lakeland return to normal at the Prince Albert Judo Club, McKay added what the Winter Games experience has done for their development. 

“They now see the importance of training and how it pays off,” she said. “It’ll boost their confidence knowing the value of training, why we train so much and so hard.” 

• • • 

Stewart and Klemens strike gold for Lakeland in air pistol

Lakeland found themselves on the podium yet again on Wednesday after a quartet of Prince Albert shooters reached the podium in the singles air pistol event on Tuesday at the Alfred Jenkins Field House.

In men’s singles action on Tuesday, Easton Stewart took home the silver joined by Quinten Saunders who won bronze. On the female podium, Tianna Stewart won silver and Randi Gyoerick bronze heading into the team event on Wednesday.

Though disappointed with Tuesday’s results, Saunders, who was a favourite to take the gold, said he was glad to be apart of the Winter Games experience. 

“It was a good time being here,” he said. “I wish I would have done better, I feel like I could train for further games to improve my performance, other than that it was a good time.”

Lakeland coach Michelle Stewart said that having the district represented with four shooters in the men’s final was thrilling.

“They did really well today,” Stewart said of her team. “I know two of them are a little disappointed in their performance in the finals, there were a couple little things that we’ll work on in practice, but it’s all good." 

Despite the less than favourable result in the singles competition, Lakeland finally triumphed with a gold on Wednesday.

The male pair of Easton Stewart and Chris Klemens triumphed with a score of 699, followed by the silver medal-winning Lakeland pair of Drew Nevland and Saunders. 

In the female category, the team of Randi Gyoerick and Tianna Stewart took the silver for Lakeland. 

“There are many great shooters here,” Gyoerick said. “I’m just proud to be a part of it.” 

With files from Jason Kerr 

• • • 

The Lakeland figure skating team wrapped up their event with a silver medal in the class one mixed dance competition on Wednesday at the Dave G. Steuart Arena. 

The pair of Emma Markwart and Ryver Faure, both of Tisdale, took to the podium on Wednesday after Lakeland failed to medal in the singles figure skating competitions earlier in the week. 

Markwart said the pair’s medal-winning performance was a career best. 

“It was good,“ Markwart said. “We did better than at run offs, it was probably our personal best today.”

Competing against just two other pairs from Prairie Central and Regina districts, Faure was pleased to come up with the silver. 

“There weren’t that many other pairs against us but we did pretty good,” he said. “Before I came, I was pretty nervous for a little bit and at the same time, pretty excited.”

With files from Jodi Schellenberg

• • •

Saskatoon takes gold in syncrho

Team Saskatoon captured synchronized swimming team gold on Wednesday morning.

The leader after the preliminary round, Saskatoon earned a score of 57.0239 in the final to beat its closest competition, Team South East, which posted a judged score of 54.8756. 

Saskatoon Aqualenes manager Brittany Leaper was pleased with her team’s performance.

“We definitely had a better swim than in prelims” she said. “All of our highlights worked today, which was awesome. They really sold it and the crowd was into it so we couldn’t really go wrong.”

The team of 10- to 13-year-old girls was comprised of Kyla Bettin, Theodosa DenBrok, Anna Dolgova, Bailey Hargreaves, Sophia Herman, Brooke Kowbel, Hannah Kryworuchko and Jenna Willie.

“I think the girls had a great time,” Leaper says. “We had three really long days but we had fun and it was fun to be in the crowd with the other sports. They had a lot of fun." 

The placings through both the preliminary and final rounds were exactly the same, with Team Saskatoon followed by South East, Regina, Rivers West, South West and Lakeland in the six-team event.

With files from Perry Bergson

• • • 

2014 Saskatchewan Winter Games schedule for Thursday, Feb. 20

Badminton at Carlton Comprehensive High School

8:30 Opening Ceremonies

9:00 Lakeland vs. Saskatoon

9:00 South East vs. Rivers West

9:00 Regina vs. South West

12:00 Prairie Central vs. Parkland

12:00 North vs. Lakeland

12:00 Saskatoon vs. South East

15:00 Regina vs. Prairie Central

15:00 South West vs. Parkland

15:00 North vs. Rivers West

18:00 South East vs. North

18:00 Saskatoon vs. Rivers West


Biathlon at Prince Albert Golf and Curling Club

9:45 Opening Ceremonies

10:00 Zeroing All Categories

11:00 Sprint Race Juvenile Girls

11:15 Sprint Race Juvenile Boys

11:30 Sprint Race Junior Girls

11:45 Sprint Race Junior Boys

12:30 Medal Presentations

Male and female curling at Prince Albert Golf and Curling Club

Draws at 9:30 14:00 19:00 

Gymnastics at Prince Albert Aerials Gymnastics Club

12:30 Gymnastics Opening Ceremony

12:45 Men's (24) Team & Women's (24) Team Competitions

T&T, RG TEAM SESSION #2 - 14 RG Athletes & 16 TTG Athletes

16:00 -16:45 Rhythmic Individual warm up

17:00 Rhythmic Team and Tramp & Tumbling Team Competitions

20:00 Team Awards- all disciplines 

Female hockey at Dave G. Steuart and Kinsmen Arenas

9:00 Game # 3 Regina (2) vs South West (3) Kinsmen Arena

11:30 Game #4 Rivers West (7) vs Parkland Valley (4) Kinsmen Arena

11:30 Game #5 Lakeland (8) vs Prairie Central (5) Dave G. Steuart

17:00 Game #6 South West (3) vs Rivers West (7) Kinsmen Arena

17:00 Game #7 Saskatoon (6) vs Southeast (1) Dave G. Steuart

19:30 Game #8 Parkland Valley (4) vs Regina (2) Kinsmen Arena 

Snowboarding at Little Red River Park


8:30 Opening Ceremonies

10:30 Preliminary Runs - All Competitors

13:30 11-13 Boys & Girls Finals

14:30 14-16 Boys & Girls Finals

15:00 Medals Presentation

Speed Skating at the Art Hauser Centre

9:00 Opening Ceremonies

10:15  400 meter heats  - Male

10:30 400 meter heats – Female

11:00 400 meter finals - Male

11:15 400 meter finals - Female

13:30 1500 meter heats – Male

13:45 1500 meter heats – Female

14:30 1500 meter finals – Male

14:45 1500 meter finals - Female

15:30 Team pursuits, exhibition

16:00 Medal presentations - 400, 1500

Wrestling at Carlton Comprehensive High School

8:00 Saskatoon vs Rivers West

8:00 Prairie Central vs Lakeland

9:15 Regina vs South West

9:15 Northern vs Southeast

10:30 Rivers West vs Parkland

10:30 Saskatoon vs Lakeland

11:45 Southeast vs South West

11:45 Regina vs Northern

13:00 Parkland vs Lakeland

13:00 Saskatoon vs Prairie Central

14:15 Southeast vs Regina

14:15 South West vs Northern

15:30 Prairie Central vs Parkland

15:30 Lakeland vs Rivers West

16:45 Rivers West vs Prairie Central

16:45 Parkland vs Saskatoon 

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