Water Advisory News

Water Advisory News
Herald photo by Tyler Clarke
The City of Prince Albert Water Treatment Plant. As the “1956” reads over its front door implies, the building is aging. Its upkeep has not been maintained to its fullest over the years, city manager Robert Cotterill said.
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- December 10, 2016
- 19 h 00

Going to gateway mall on Tuesday to give my 25$. I learned to swim in that pool so its the least I can do. Come on P.A, This pool has given you so much, its time to give back!

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Skate park holds free lessons August 29, 2012

The Prince Albert Skateboard and BMX Association offers free lessons to kids aged 6-13 during the summer. For two days in July and another two in August, the park is full of kids who have years of experience and others with little or even none. Since 2006, when the park first opened, the youth have been taking full advantage of the opportunity to learn from organizers and their peers.

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Reese McDougall, 13, pushes his skills to the max at Kinsmen Skate Park on Wednesday afternoon.