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Results of the survey

Do you believe Prince Albert will get it's second bridge?

  • 27% Yes
  • 65% No
  • 7% Don't Know - Maybe

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Canada Post continues pushing forward with elimination of home delivery in many parts of Canada, including P.A. Is this the right move?


Is Prince Albert's stretch of the North Saskatchewan River under-utilized as a source of outdoor recreation?

Recent survey

New Toronto Maple Leafs head coach Mike Babcock called the Leafs Canada’s team on Thursday. Are the Leafs Canada’s team?

  • 30% Yes. Go Leafs go!
  • 21% Ugh. Hate the Leafs.
  • 49% Who is he kidding? The Roughriders are Canada's team!

David Letterman hosted his final Late Show on Wednesday night. Where will he stack up among the nighttime talk show greats?

  • 30% He's the best there was, even though Jay Leno got Tonight Show gig.
  • 19% He was top 5, but Johnny Carson was the best.
  • 11% He was ok, but Carson, Leno, Merv Griffin and others were better.
  • 40% I wasn't a fan of Letterman at all.

The Prince Albert Farmer's Market is back for another season. Is this an important part of the Prince Albert experience?

  • 68% Absolutely. I go often and love to support local small business.
  • 21% I appreciate the market, but rarely attend.
  • 11% No, I never attend.

Did you get your plants in the ground before Saturday night's frost advisory?

  • 5% Yes - They should be fine.
  • 15% Yes - I'm covering them up to protect them!
  • 80% No - I always wait because you never know what's going to happen.

Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev sentenced to death on Friday. How do you feel about the verdict?

  • 53% This terrorist showed no remorse. Good decision.
  • 25% I'm disappointed. I totally oppose the death penalty.
  • 22% Only disappointed because he will now appeal his sentence for years to come.

A new poll has the three big national political parties in a dead heat among decided voters. Who do you think will form the next federal government?

  • 43% The Conservatives will hold on to power.
  • 8% The Liberals will topple Stephen Harper.
  • 27% The NDP will shock the nation.
  • 22% I don't know who will win, but it is going to be a minority.

Did Hydro One in Ontario go too far in firing the employee who made disgusting comments to a TV reporter on Sunday?

  • 21% Too far. His comments were stupid but he shouldn't have lost his job.
  • 79% They got it right. The guy deserved to be fired.

Will a Government of Saskatchewan announced Buy Local Day impact your shopping decisions on the first Saturday of every month?

  • 14% Yes. I will definitely support local small business on that day.
  • 35% No. It will not impact my shopping decision.
  • 51% It depends. What will small business do to get me to shop with them?

Fox announced on Monday that American Idol will end it’s long run next year. Will you miss the show?

  • 9% Yes. I'm disappointed they are ending it.
  • 79% No, it has passed its prime.
  • 12% I didn't watch much, but I will miss the horrible auditions.

Are you cheering for the four former Prince Albert Raiders to win a WHL championship with the Kelowna Rockets?

  • 63% Yes - It's always nice to see ex-Raiders succeed.
  • 18% Once the current Raiders are out, I become indifferent to who wins.
  • 9% No - I'm rooting for the Wheat Kings. Prairie pride!
  • 10% No - Seeing them win with another team will make me sad.