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Results of the survey

Do you believe Prince Albert will get it's second bridge?

  • 27% Yes
  • 65% No
  • 7% Don't Know - Maybe

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Does the pipeline leak upstream of us impact your opinion about pipelines?


How are you going to help the Rose Garden Hospice Association and their effort to get a $3.5 million 10-unit freestanding hospice building built in Prince Albert?


With the civic election just more than three months away, which mayoral candidate are you voting for?


Pokémon Go launched in Canada this week, resulting in crowds of people travelling through the city to collect Pokémon. Do you "gotta catch 'em all?"

Recent survey

What do you think of the city council candidates who have come forward so far, as a whole?

  • 15% I'm impressed. I look forward to seeing what they intend on bringing to the table.
  • 46% I'm still waiting to be impressed.
  • 39% I do not anticipate being impressed.

What should be done about the 123,183 unaccounted for needles this past year at Prince Albert's Straight to the Point Harm Reduction Program?

  • 1% I'm not sure, but something has to be done.
  • 37% Make the program an actual needle exchange, wherein used needles are exchanged for fresh ones.
  • 29% Shut the program down.
  • 33% Open up a "wet house," where drugs are taken on-site and needles never leave the facility.

Are you concerned about the drastic rise in firearms-related offences in Prince Albert?

  • 13% Not really. Trends go up and down...
  • 77% Yes! The prospect of more unlawful gun owners on city streets is frightening.
  • 10% I'm not sure. I need to know more.

The new Ghostbusters movie opens on Friday. Are you looking forward to it?

  • 20% Yes!
  • 66% No!
  • 14% I'll wait until it's on TV or Netflix.

Would a city council candidate’s partisan ties to a political party affect whether you vote for them?

  • 41% No: So long as it doesn't affect their work, it doesn't matter
  • 59% Yes: I would question their motivations.
  • 0% I don't know.

Did you fill out your 2016 Census forms?

  • 4% No: I didn't realize that proper population counts are integral to the City of Prince Albert attracting federal and provincial funding, therefore keeping my property taxes lower.
  • 81% Yes: I care about my home community.
  • 15% No: I just don't care

Did Prince Albert city council make the right decision in rejecting the addition of a new private liquor store in Prince Albert?

  • 54% Yes
  • 42% No
  • 4% I don't know

What civic election pledge will best sway your vote?

  • 12% A greater focus on economic development
  • 4% Fighting the 1:500-year flood restriction
  • 9% Improving the lives of our most vulnerable citizens
  • 27% Keeping taxes low
  • 6% City infrastructure investments
  • 33% Second bridge and Victoria Hospital advocacy
  • 9% My hot button topic is not listed here

Should the Daily Herald have quoted Prince Albert mayoral candidate Josh Morrow when he referred to his day as "retardedly busy?"

  • 70% Yes, we should know what language those running for public office choose to use.
  • 30% No, I'd prefer the Daily Herald edit such offensive language out of its coverage.

What do you think of the Government of Saskatchewan's lessened credit rating?

  • 25% It's a byproduct of poor management by the Sask. Party.
  • 55% It's a byproduct of the drop in oil revenue; outside the Sask. Party's scope.
  • 20% A drop from AAA to AA isn't worth the news coverage it has been awarded.