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Results of the survey

Do you believe Prince Albert will get it's second bridge?

  • 27% Yes
  • 65% No
  • 7% Don't Know - Maybe

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Health minister Dustin Duncan recently said there are no imminent plans to ban vaping in public places. Do you feel there should be a ban?


Gas prices have come down quite a bit recently and currently sit at 76.9 cents per litre in Prince Albert. Where do you think prices will head from here?

Recent survey

Would you like to see MP Randy Hoback’s Bill C-590 to increase punishment to those convicted of driving over .08 reinstated?

  • 66% Yes, punishment for that violent crime cannot be harsh enough.
  • 13% No, I think sentences are fine as they are.
  • 21% Won't matter. Liberals won't back it.

Calgary Flames defenceman Dennis Wideman got 20 games for hitting an NHL official. Is the suspension fair?

  • 85% Yes, it was an ugly attack and needed to be punished.
  • 15% No, it was an accident and the league came down too hard on him.

Distracted driving is the traffic safety spotlight for February. Do you use your cellphone when driving?

  • 2% Yes, I do. So what?
  • 24% I know I shouldn't, but sometimes I can't resist.
  • 74% No, I never do. Too dangerous.

Will Jian Ghomeshi get a fair trial in his sexual assault trial in Toronto?

  • 28% Yes, I think justice will be served.
  • 14% No, I don't think the trial will be fair to him.
  • 58% Ghomeshi? I'm more worried about how his alleged victims are treated on the witness stand.

Will you be taking in the NHL All Star game and festivities this weekend?

  • 10% Yes, because I want to see the 3-on-3 format.
  • 5% Yes, because I want to see how John Scott does.
  • 85% No, not interested at all.

Are you worried about the Zika virus making its way to Saskatchewan?

  • 54% No, it's not much of a concern right now.
  • 27% Yes, especially with the upcoming Olympics in Brazil.
  • 19% What in the world is the Zika virus?

Job growth in SK is lowest it has been in a decade and unemployment is at a record level. Are you worried about your job?

  • 19% Yes, the economy is scary right now and I worry it could affect my job.
  • 58% No, I'm not concerned.
  • 4% I'm already unemployed.
  • 19% I'm retired and thankfully don't need to worry about this.

Notorious pedophile Graham James was granted day parole this week, how do you feel about this decision by the parole board?

  • 12% I can understand parole board decision.
  • 78% I'm disgusted by the decision. James should be in jail for entire sentence.
  • 10% I shouldn't say what I think of the decision.

The Super Bowl is two weeks away, but we know which teams will be taking part. Who do you got?

  • 20% Denver Broncos. Payton Manning will lead them to glory.
  • 25% Carolina Panthers. That team is just too good.
  • 55% Who cares?!

As the House of Commons resumes today, which piece of legislation are you most looking forward to the government discussing?

  • 11% Electoral reform
  • 27% Trans-Pacific Partnership
  • 16% Legalizing marijuana
  • 11% Doctor-assisted suicide
  • 24% Other
  • 11% None