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Results of the survey

When do you shop for your children's school supplies?

  • 33% My children reuse their supplies, I only buy what we need.
  • 4% I'm done shopping before summer holidays.
  • 7% I shop throughout the summer.
  • 3% Last week of July or so.
  • 12% First two weeks of August.
  • 24% Last two weeks of August.
  • 14% Midnight the night before their first day back.
  • 0%

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Should the vast majority of media outlets across the nation have released the names of the victims of Wednesday’s Tisdale homicides before the RCMP gave their go-ahead?


What’s your impression of the federal budget, which was released this week?


Do you support the Prince Albert Raiders' decision to keep head coach Marc Habscheid?


The Cooke Municipal Golf Course opens on Wednesday. When do you plan to play your first round?


The federal government will release the budget on April 21, the last before a fall election. What do you expect?

Recent survey

Omar Khadr was granted bail on Friday and the federal government has vowed to appeal. How do you feel about the situation?

  • 45% He has served his time, it is time for everyone to move on.
  • 55% The government should appeal his bail.

No more licensed strip clubs in Saskatchewan, only charitable stripping. The right choice?

  • 37% Yes, that kind of activity victimizes women and rewards organized crime.
  • 28% No, government shouldn't interfere.
  • 35% Don't really care either way.

Remember, this is anonymous, but when it comes to emergency vehicles, what do you do?

  • 100% I do my best to pull to the right and stop, always.
  • 0% I get confused and forget what to do.
  • 0% I'm too busy to pull over. I just keep going. They can get around me.

What are your thoughts on Wednesday’s Supreme Court of Canada decision banning prayers at municipal council meetings?

  • 38% Good decision. Prayer has no place at a government meeting.
  • 42% Disappointing. An important tradition.
  • 20% Oh oh, most city councils NEED some divine intervention.

The Stanley Cup playoffs start tonight. How much do you/your family care, and will you be watching?

  • 14% I/We will be glued to the TV every night! Can't get enough!
  • 18% I/We will watch a lot of games. Go Canadian teams go!
  • 18% I/We will catch a few games, but we have too many other things to do.
  • 50% Not that interested at all.

When it comes to tipping, what is your philosophy?

  • 13% I choose to tip any time there is a request for a tip.
  • 2% I feel obligated to tip when there is a request for a tip.
  • 72% I only tip in traditional tip situations, typically 15%
  • 13% I don't tip.

Are you an organ donor?

  • 70% Yes - It's important to me that my organs serve a purpose after my death.
  • 16% No - I'm ineligible for organ donation.
  • 14% No - I do not intend to have my organs donated for another reason.

Should the Prince Albert Parkland Health Region’s Straight to the Point Harm Reduction Program be handing out free needles to intravenous drug users?

  • 2% Yes - The program is working fine as-is.
  • 55% Yes - But, they need to find a way of preventing the careless discarding of needles.
  • 43% No - This "Harm Reduction" program is causing more harm than good.

Thursday night was another magic night in the skies over Prince Albert and area as the northern lights were dancing. Do you:

  • 87% Try to take some time and appreciate their beauty whenever I get the chance?
  • 13% Take them for granted? Not that I intend to, life is just so busy.
  • 0% Ignore them. Been there, done that.

With so many officer-involved shootings in North America in recent months, is it time for all police to wear body cameras?

  • 55% Yes. An inexpensive investment that will make a big difference.
  • 11% No, it would violate privacy rights of police and the public.
  • 34% No, it's not worth the cost.