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Results of the survey

When do you shop for your children's school supplies?

  • 33% My children reuse their supplies, I only buy what we need.
  • 4% I'm done shopping before summer holidays.
  • 7% I shop throughout the summer.
  • 3% Last week of July or so.
  • 12% First two weeks of August.
  • 24% Last two weeks of August.
  • 14% Midnight the night before their first day back.
  • 0%

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What’s your favourite thing about Thanksgiving?


Have you caught Raiders fever yet? Our WHL team is off to a hot start, have you been paying attention?


Did the Sask. Party make the right decision by privatizing health care laundry services?

Recent survey

Advance polls open today and continues through the weekend. Will you be casting your vote early?

  • 48% Yes, this is such an important election I am going to vote early.
  • 45% No, but I'll certainly be voting on October 19th.
  • 7% I won't be voting.

With less than two weeks until election day, who do you think will win Prince Albert?

  • 38% Lon Borgerson
  • 42% Randy Hoback
  • 16% Gordon Kirkby
  • 4% Other

Saskatchewan police forces will now be permitted to use Tasers after a five-year moratorium ended Monday. Is this a good move?

  • 66% Yes, it will reduce deadly confrontations with police.
  • 30% No, they aren't safe for use.
  • 4% I am undecided.

Thursday saw Saskatchewan's minimum wage rise to $10.50 an hour. Is this number appropriate?

  • 65% No, it needs to be higher.
  • 27% Yes, it is just right.
  • 8% It is too high as it is.

Is it finally time for the United States to do something about gun control?

  • 59% Yes. Enough is enough.
  • 25% No. Gun control won't prevent mass shootings.
  • 16% Whether they should or not, it will never happen.

With everyone catching Blue Jays fever, how far do you think the Blue Jays can go in the post-season?

  • 78% They will win the World Series!
  • 15% They will make it to the championship, but they will lose.
  • 7% They will not win the American League pennant.

With just over two weeks to go until the federal election, are you set on who you’re voting for?

  • 19% No, my vote is still up for grabs.
  • 78% Yes, I know exactly who I will be voting for on Oct. 19.
  • 3% I can't be bothered to vote.

Has the Volkswagen scandal impacted your impression of the brand?

  • 39% Yes, I'm disappointed.
  • 31% No, overall VW is still a great vehicle builder.
  • 30% Aren't scandals hitting every big company these days?

The #SuperBloodMoon eclipse was visible for most of the world Sunday evening. Did you take time to check out the rare event?

  • 77% Yes, I make it a point to see rare events like lunar eclipses.
  • 20% No, I don’t make it a point to see those sorts of things.
  • 3% I didn’t know it was happening.

Do you agree with the Saskatchewan government decision to not let minors use tanning beds after Nov. 1 without a prescription?

  • 89% Yes. There is too much risk of cancer to expose kids to it.
  • 2% No, too much government interference.
  • 9% I'm disappointed Saskatchewan is the last province to do so.