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Results of the survey

When do you shop for your children's school supplies?

  • 33% My children reuse their supplies, I only buy what we need.
  • 4% I'm done shopping before summer holidays.
  • 7% I shop throughout the summer.
  • 3% Last week of July or so.
  • 12% First two weeks of August.
  • 24% Last two weeks of August.
  • 14% Midnight the night before their first day back.
  • 0%

Recent survey

Are you excited about efforts to see Prince Albert adding beach volleyball courts at the Arthur Jenkins Field House?

  • 32% Yes, it's about time. This will enhance summer in Prince Albert.
  • 68% No, it won't affect me at all.

What are you most excited by about this year’s 132nd Annual Prince Albert Exhibition?

  • 16% The parade. It was awesome.
  • 0% It's gotta be the midway. I love the rides.
  • 38% The food. Nothing better than carnival food.
  • 46% The live entertainment is the best part.

The Saskatchewan Roughriders are winless in their first five games of the season, with four of those coming at home. How are you feeling about the rest of the year?

  • 11% Good. They've been in every game. The coaching staff will turn it around.
  • 53% Bad. They've dug themselves a huge whole. I'm not sure they can turn it around.
  • 23% Angry. Roster and coaching changes need to be made right now.
  • 13% Disinterested. The Riders are out of it. When do the Raiders open camp?

Despite what a mess it will be, is it finally time for the United States to get serious about some kind of gun control?

  • 32% Yes. These shootings are becoming a weekly event.
  • 52% Yes, but it won't happen any time soon.
  • 16% No. Guns don't kill people, people do.

Justin Trudeau has ruled out the idea of a coalition government with Thomas Mulcair's NDP. This is:

  • 43% Dumb. Mulcair will be the next prime minister of Canada.
  • 10% Smart. Trudeau's Liberals will win the October election.
  • 47% Irrelevant. Stephen Harper isn't going anywhere.

Which is worse, Donald Trump’s hair, or his personality?

  • 64% His personality. The man is rude and offensive.
  • 4% His hair. What's the deal there?
  • 32% Neither. I am a fan and agree with a lot of what he is saying during his campaign for the Republican nomination.

Smoking is returning to the grounds of the Victoria Hospital (officially). How do you feel about the move?

  • 54% Yuck. Smoking is awful.
  • 25% Good. Smokers deserve their rights too.
  • 21% Health region staff had little chance. Smokers gonna smoke.

A notorious Canadian website for people looking to cheat on their partner was hacked and users are now facing the threat of being exposed. This is:

  • 62% A case of instant karma.
  • 3% Scary. I'm on that website.
  • 35% Wrong. These hackers are criminals.

How do you feel the City of Prince Albert is handling the “Big Dig” along Second Avenue West?

  • 50% It appears they're doing the best they can to ease traffic delays and confusion
  • 42% Could be better handled. It can be confusing
  • 8% I'm not sure

Word out of Edmonton is the the reigning National Lacrosse League champion Edmonton Rush are moving to Saskatoon for next season. Will you go to games?

  • 36% Yes. I love lacrosse.
  • 15% I'd like to, but that's a long drive for a lacrosse game.
  • 49% I'm not a lacrosse fan.