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Results of the survey

When do you shop for your children's school supplies?

  • 33% My children reuse their supplies, I only buy what we need.
  • 4% I'm done shopping before summer holidays.
  • 7% I shop throughout the summer.
  • 3% Last week of July or so.
  • 12% First two weeks of August.
  • 24% Last two weeks of August.
  • 14% Midnight the night before their first day back.
  • 0%

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The SaskAlert app has been released. Will you be using it to keep informed of emergencies within the province?


What do you think of Premier Brad Wall’s recent work to promote the oil industry?

Recent survey

Who will be the big losers with the Brexit result that the United Kingdom will leave the European Union?

  • 31% Britain will be the big loser in all of this.
  • 25% The European Union will hurt the most as a result.
  • 44% The entire world will pay a significant price.

Friday night is the NHL Entry Draft. Do you care and will you be watching?

  • 32% Yes, I am very interested in the draft.
  • 55% I couldn't care less.
  • 13% Not all that interested, but curious to see which Prince Albert Raiders get chosen.

Prince Edward and his wife Sophie have arrived in Saskatchewan. Are Royal Family visits to Canada still a big deal?

  • 17% Yes, the Royal Family still means a lot to Canada.
  • 70% No, such visits are nothing more than novelty now.
  • 13% Would mean more if they were visiting Prince Albert.

Are you happy to see the Prince Albert SPCA looking into online dog sales where’s the dog’s living conditions look questionable?

  • 73% Yes, it is important and necessary.
  • 27% No, they shouldn't be involved in a private sale online.

The Roughriders just finished the preseason 0-2 with a lot of questions remaining. Are you worried about how this team will do in 2016?

  • 28% Preseason is meaningless, they'll be just fine.
  • 52% I'm worried 2016 might be another dismal year like last season.
  • 20% My biggest worry -- can Darian Durant stay healthy?

What did you think of Street Fair 2016?

  • 51% I really enjoyed it, there were plenty of things to see and check out!
  • 4% I didn’t enjoy it.
  • 45% I didn’t go this year.

How will you be recognizing Father’s Day this weekend?

  • 28% Treating dad to a gift or dinner.
  • 21% I'll be making a phone call to dad.
  • 51% No plans specifically related to Father's Day

Britain votes next week on whether to leave the European Union. What do you think the result will be?

  • 35% I believe Britain will leave the EU.
  • 35% I think Britain will remain within the EU.
  • 30% I don't know what result will be but I bet it will be close.

The SK NDP are facing a mild punishment after leaking the June 1 provincial budget. Is a mild punishment a fair decision?

  • 22% Yes, it was the right decision.
  • 27% No, there shouldn't have been any punishment. It was no big deal.
  • 51% It was a significant breach, the punishment should have been harsher.

It looks like talk of a P3 being used to build a new bridge in Prince Albert is done. What is your reaction?

  • 46% I'm pleased, a P3 should never have been considered.
  • 48% I'm concerned, a new bridge is an important next step.
  • 6% I never use the bridge so I don't care too much.