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Results of the survey

Have you been to the Kinsmen Water park this year?

  • 0% Yes
  • 50% No
  • 50% Not this year, but I have been

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Does Friday's news that Canada ran a $5 billion surplus in the last quarter have any impact on how you'll vote in the oncoming federal election?


More students across the country are learning their lessons at home through videos and then doing their homework at school. This is known as a “flipped classroom.” What do you think of this strategy?

Recent survey

It’s back to school time, what's the overriding feeling at your place?

  • 46% Very happy parents!
  • 15% Very sad kids.
  • 39% Empty wallets.

Prince Albert Raiders training camp opens today. What’s in store for this year’s club?

  • 55% A better season...maybe even playoffs!
  • 33% They'll be the same or worse. No playoffs.
  • 12% A WHL title baby!

Do you throw recyclables into the garbage?

  • 45% No. Never, that is irresponsible.
  • 16% Yes. Recycling is a waste of time.
  • 39% Occasionally when I am being a little lazy.

The Provincial Advocacy Group announced Monday it wants poverty in Saskatchewan reduced by 50 per cent in five years. Is that a realistic goal?

  • 25% Yes, and a noble goal.
  • 75% Not a chance. That timeframe is too extreme.

Do you find the Kardashians, Jenners et all fascinating, or nauseating?

  • 92% Ugh. Nauseating. Enough already.
  • 0% I can't get enough of these interesting people.
  • 8% Who?

With news earlier this week that the P.A. Food Bank will likely handout 1,000 hampers this September will you be making any extra donations?

  • 0% No, my family uses the food bank.
  • 3% Yes, we will be making some extra donations.
  • 28% I do donate but won't be doing anything extra.
  • 69% No, we don't donate to the food bank.

Will you be trying to get a look at the millions of names on the list of exposed cheaters on a Canadian extra-marital affairs website?

  • 2% Yes, I'm worried that my spouse might be on the list.
  • 17% Yes, I want to see if any of my friends/neighbours are there.
  • 81% No, I'm not interested in that kind of garbage.

Is health care in the province as bad as it is sometimes portrayed in the media?

  • 26% There are legitimate concerns.
  • 64% It's blown out of proportion.
  • 10% It's a balance of good and bad.

Summer is winding down, any big plans before you start looking at getting back into the fall routine?

  • 26% One more road trip.
  • 23% I hope to make it out to lake country.
  • 51% Nothing special planned.

Political Campaigning is starting to heat up across the country. What issue is the most important one for you this election?

  • 12% Environment
  • 0% Scandels/Duffy Trial
  • 12% Security/Bill C-51
  • 62% Economy/Jobs
  • 0% Military/Veteran Affairs
  • 14% Other