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Have you been to the Kinsmen Water park this year?

  • 0% Yes
  • 50% No
  • 50% Not this year, but I have been

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Paper Excellence has targeted 2020 as the year they hope to see the Prince Albert Pulp Mill re-commence partial operations. Do you think this will happen?

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The Stanley Cup Finals begin on Monday night. Who do you think will take home the cherished trophy?

  • 18% The Pittsburgh Penguins will win it all.
  • 23% The San Jose Sharks will win their first ever Stanley cup.
  • 59% I don't care, just get hockey over with!

Former prime minister Stephen Harper is preparing to resign as an MP. How will his time as PM be remembered?

  • 37% His hard work and ability to reunite the right will be recognized.
  • 48% He will be remembered as a deeply divisive PM.
  • 15% It's too early to say what his legacy will be.

According to Statistics Canada, more than half of Saskatchewan residents aged 12 and over never use bike helmets while cycling. This is the second highest rate in Canada, behind only Nunavut. Does this concern you?

  • 48% Yes, bike helmets are an important part of staying safe on the road.
  • 52% No, there are other elements more important to safety than bike helmets.

The Tragically Hips Gord Downie has been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. Your reaction?

  • 21% I'm a huge Hip fan. Devastating news.
  • 56% I'm not a Tragically Hip fan, but feel badly for Downie and his fans.
  • 23% I don't know who that is.

What do you think of the 10.25 per cent rate hike SaskPower is asking for over the next eight months?

  • 11% -shrug- they're doing what they gotta' do.
  • 22% I'm mad. This could have been avoided.
  • 62% I'm more upset than mad. I don't know how much more I can afford...
  • 5%

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was involved in a little skirmish on Wednesday in the House of Commons. Your reaction?

  • 43% I thought Trudeau came across looking really bad.
  • 11% I think the NDP came out looking the worst.
  • 46% Pffft. The whole thing was a pathetic joke. Everyone looked bad.

The unofficial kick-off to summer – the May long weekend is just ahead. How will you be spending it?

  • 20% Will be going out of town with friends/family.
  • 64% Relaxing right here at home.
  • 16% Ugh. I have to work.

The newly-elected Saskatchewan government is promising transformational change in key areas? Does this concern you?

  • 42% No, that is exactly what this province needs.
  • 35% Yes, I'm worried about what this could mean.
  • 23% I'm not sure what to think.

Are you excited the Saskatchewan Rush are one win away from a return to the National Lacrosse League finals for 2nd straight year (won title as Edmonton last year)?

  • 57% Yes. Very excited and it's great for Saskatchewan.
  • 22% No, I'm not interested in lacrosse.
  • 21% The who?

With the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics coming up in August, a Canadian law professor is calling for the event to be moved as a precaution against the Zika virus. Do you agree?

  • 31% Yes, the Zika virus may be linked to microcephaly -- babies born with malformed brains.
  • 43% No, there are ways to prevent contracting the virus
  • 26% The Rio Games should be moved because of Brazil’s economic and political problems.