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Have you been to the Kinsmen Water park this year?

  • 0% Yes
  • 50% No
  • 50% Not this year, but I have been

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is the Sask. Party dealing with provincial finances properly?


Some sort of large-scale project was continually hinted at by city council during last week’s budget committee meetings. What do you think it is?

Recent survey

The big game has arrived this weekend in Winnipeg? Who do you have for the CFL's 103rd Grey Cup?

  • 53% The Edmonton Eskimos are too strong, they will take the Cup.
  • 21% The Ottawa Renegades will cap off their Cinderella season with the title.
  • 26% The Riders aren't there so I don't care.

Black Friday is getting to be a bigger deal in Canada. Will you be looking for Black Friday deals online or here in P.A.?

  • 12% Yes, I'll be looking for some great deals!
  • 50% No thanks, not interested.
  • 38% I'd like to, but the sales never live up to the hype.

What is your reaction to the government of Canada announcement that refugee targets won’t be met until February?

  • 36% I'm relieved. That seems like a more realistic timeline.
  • 11% These people need help ASAP. I'm disappointed by the delay.
  • 53% I still think 25,000 is too much in that amount of time.

How do you feel about Government of SK plan to have 50 per cent of province’s energy come from renewal sources by 2030?

  • 62% Sounds great. I am looking forward to it.
  • 13% It's pie in the sky. Won't happen.
  • 25% I'm skeptical, but hope it happens.

Are you happy with the one per cent tax increase city council settled on during this week's budget committee meetings?

  • 48% Yes: We're taxed to death. I appreciate the break.
  • 44% No: Our city's infrastructure deficit has to be tackled head-on.
  • 8% I don't know!

Do you approve of Premier Brad Wall setting up a refugee centre in Saskatchewan?

  • 25% Yes, it will be crucial to help refugees adjust to life here.
  • 23% No, I am opposed to the whole thing.
  • 52% Like Wall, I have concerns about the Liberal timeline, but this is a prudent decision to be ready.

Do you agree that Prince Albert is “underserved” for liquor stores here and needs a new, private one?

  • 15% The government can't be serious!
  • 61% Yes, this is good news for Prince Albert.
  • 24% No, we do not need another liquor store.

Should the city's elected officials vote in favour of lending Borealis Music Festival organizers $80,000 to help cover this year's loss?

  • 67% No: Taxpayer should not help bail them out.
  • 23% Yes: Shortfalls are always a possibility with this sort of event.
  • 10% I don't feel strongly either way.

On Monday, Premier Brad Wall penned a letter asking Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to suspend entry of Syrian refugees into Canada, citing the recent terror attacks in France. Do you agree with the letter?

  • 71% I agree. The safety of Canadian citizens is top priority.
  • 26% I don’t agree. Refugees are fleeing from the same people that caused the terror attacks.
  • 3% I don’t know.

On Friday, the Liberal government made their mandate letters public. In one of the letters, the Liberals planned to ban junk food advertisements to children. What do you think?

  • 53% I like the idea. Junk food shouldn’t be advertised to kids in the first place.
  • 47% I don’t think it matters. It’s up to parents or guardians to teach healthy habits.