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Have you been to the Kinsmen Water park this year?

  • 0% Yes
  • 50% No
  • 50% Not this year, but I have been

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It’s that time of year again. Are you in the Valentine’s Day spirit? How will you say I love you on Sunday?!


The CFL free-agent market has opened. The Saskatchewan Roughriders have made a handful of signings. How will the new-look Riders fair in 2016?


Should Prince Albert city council vote in favour of compensating business owners adversely impacted by the “Big Dig” or any other infrastructure project?

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Are you concerned about the controversy surrounding the Global Transportation Hub land deal facing the government?

  • 20% Yes, something stinks and people of this province deserve answers.
  • 75% No, it is much ado about nothing. Media making a bigger story than it really is.
  • 5% I'm not sure, but the auditor should release results before the election.

The City of Prince Albert is increasing fines for vandalism of city parks from $25 to $500. Will it make a difference?

  • 20% Yes, it is a good deterrent to these types.
  • 50% Nope. These types aren't thinking of consequences when they do such things.
  • 30% I don't know if it will make a difference, but hopefully it is enforced.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that Canada’s fighter jets will pull out of fight against ISIS by Feb. 22 and be replaced by increase training on the ground. Your thoughts?

  • 62% I'm disappointed by the decision. Makes Canada look cowardly.
  • 31% I'm happy with the move. Training of locals a more noble effort.
  • 7% I'm not sure how I feel about it.

If Prince Albert's civic election were held tomorrow instead of on Oct. 26, which confirmed mayoral candidate would you vote for?

  • 16% Conrad Burns
  • 42% Martin Ring
  • 42% Greg Dionne

Health minister Dustin Duncan recently said there are no imminent plans to ban vaping in public places. Do you feel there should be a ban?

  • 65% Yes. Sends the wrong message to young smokers.
  • 35% No. It poses no harm.

Would you like to see MP Randy Hoback’s Bill C-590 to increase punishment to those convicted of driving over .08 reinstated?

  • 66% Yes, punishment for that violent crime cannot be harsh enough.
  • 13% No, I think sentences are fine as they are.
  • 21% Won't matter. Liberals won't back it.

Calgary Flames defenceman Dennis Wideman got 20 games for hitting an NHL official. Is the suspension fair?

  • 85% Yes, it was an ugly attack and needed to be punished.
  • 15% No, it was an accident and the league came down too hard on him.

Distracted driving is the traffic safety spotlight for February. Do you use your cellphone when driving?

  • 2% Yes, I do. So what?
  • 24% I know I shouldn't, but sometimes I can't resist.
  • 74% No, I never do. Too dangerous.

Gas prices have come down quite a bit recently and currently sit at 76.9 cents per litre in Prince Albert. Where do you think prices will head from here?

  • 30% I think they'll go up.
  • 36% I think they'll go down.
  • 34% I can't see prices changing much in the near future.

Will Jian Ghomeshi get a fair trial in his sexual assault trial in Toronto?

  • 28% Yes, I think justice will be served.
  • 14% No, I don't think the trial will be fair to him.
  • 58% Ghomeshi? I'm more worried about how his alleged victims are treated on the witness stand.