Letter to the Editor: Les Dickson — June 4, 2014

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On May 29, Stephen Harper spoke about an issue important to him -- to us all. He spoke specifically about the importance of vaccinations and generally about maternal and child health initiatives. When he admonished parents who shun vaccinations he referenced scientific evidence and the importance of experts. 

“I frankly don't understand people who are walking away in our society from something that's proven to work,” he said.

His advice was directed to those who "go off on their own theories and not listen to the scientific evidence." His advice was, "don't indulge your theories” and “listen to the experts."

What is absolutely amazing about his statements is that his practices demonstrate the opposite. The prime minister and his MPs deny and attack the role of experts, repress and defund scientific research and shun scientific evidence in many critical portfolios.

Examine this government’s actions relating to climate change where policy forbids Environment Canada experts linking extreme weather events to climate change patterns -- as just one example in an area that will have devastating and permanent effects for us and especially for our children.

Recall Pierre Poilievre’s attacks on electoral experts, sanctioned by Stephen Harper no doubt, in an attempt to discredit individuals while ignoring and ridiculing their advice and cautions.

There are many other areas such as justice and corrections where this government does anything but embrace scientific evidence and the advice of experts. What we see instead is the hypocrisy.


Les Dickson

Prince Albert

Organizations: Environment Canada, Prince Albert

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