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Saskatchewan Green Party has credibility problem in Prince Albert ridings

The political landscape can be a vicious and unforgiving one where early missteps can doom even the most well-meaning of efforts.

So as the Green Party of Saskatchewan continues gearing up for what is expected to be an April, 2016 provincial election, they aren’t hitting home runs here in Prince Albert.

First, they announced a candidate in Sask. Rivers -- for the provincial legislature -- whose only platform is the situation in Gaza. A hope for peace in Gaza is noble, but likely not the most effective focus in representing the people of Sask. Rivers and their needs.

Then, yesterday came news that the Greens also found someone to represent them in Prince Albert Carlton. Amelia Swiderski is taking the plunge. No, she doesn’t live in, or even near the riding, but she grew up here and her husband is the deputy leader of the party, and as Leader Victor Lau basically put it in an interview with the Daily Herald, they needed someone to fill that spot.

Sure she lives three hours away in Kelvington, but they’ve got a warm body in that chair so there is that.

But then came the kicker…at the bottom of the press release from the Greens was the happy little note that their new Prince Albert Carlton candidate is “extremely busy with work and will not be available to do any media interviews.”

Swiderski is building a dental therapy practice in Kelvington, so there is no doubt that she is working hard as part of that process. But, to basically wave off any and all media interviews really sends a strong message about how seriously she and the Saskatchewan Green Party are taking this election and this riding.

It is hard to imagine a more perfect recipe to ensure that virtually nobody will vote for your party in that riding.

Another interesting tidbit from the party leader to the Daily Herald was that it isn’t that big of a deal to be parachuting candidates into ridings, or having them completely unavailable to media, since elections are mostly about the party leaders anyways.

Mr. Lau, the Daily Herald totally disputes that notion. Party leaders are important and are clearly key figures in any election campaign, but many voters want and need to understand what the candidates in their ridings will do for them and what their priorities are.

In one case, it’s all about Gaza. In the other, who knows, as the candidate won’t even make time to talk to the media.

Lau says his team of candidates (currently at 54 of their target of 61) is “second to none in this province,” and that he would put “Amelia Swiderski up against any candidate running for any of the other parties.”

Apparently voters will just have to take his word for it.


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