Editorial — July 30, 2014

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We’ll be interested to hear what Prince Albert MP Randy Hoback learns during his trip to Israel this week.

Hoback was joined by fellow Conservative MPs David Sweet and Ted Orpitz along with Liberal MPs Carolyn Bennett, John McCallum and Senator Grant Mitchell.

The trip was arranged by the Centre For Israel and Jewish Affairs, a non-partisan group that advocates on behalf of the nation to Canadian lawmakers.

In a situation where there is no black and white to all but the most ardent supporters of either side, it appears that the fix is on what they’ll learn.

Shimon Fogel, CEO of the CIJA, admitted as much to The Canadian Press.

“My hope is that they will get (from) either Palestinian leadership that they meet with or the Canadian representative to Ramallah and the Palestinian Authority ... some insight into some of the other perspective,” he told The Canadian Press.

“But for us the issue is very much focused on what Israel has had to endure, what precipitated this particular hot conflict and some of the underlying issues that really have to be addressed.”

It’s fairly obvious that there won’t be a Hamas stop on this particular sightseeing trip.

The Canadian lawmakers who are in Israel are not stupid people; surely they realize that this trip can’t hope to explore the multi-generational successes and failures in the region and the deeply held hostilities.

World leaders have devoted much time and effort to making inroads and failed.

In this western film, as the lawmakers take their seats in the theatre, they would do well to remember that nobody is wearing the white hat, regardless of what might appear on the screen in front of them.


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There’s nothing like staging a huge outdoor event to bring the rain.

Whether it’s a multi-day sporting event, a fair of a music festival, putting a whole bunch of people in a confined space seems to be like a giant magnet for bad weather.

For the parade on Monday night, dark skies started to form in the hours before the event was set to start and the weather radar showed a single city-sized storm bearing down on Prince Albert just in time for the parade.

Magically, the storm took a hard turn to the southwest after leaving a few drops of rain.

A forecast with nary a cloud for the week has since changed and there is a chance of rain on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

For our friends over at the Provincial Exhibition who have put hundreds of hours into the annual extravaganza, we wish them luck.

Maybe this will be the year that the clouds continue to bear down on us, only to magically skirt the city at the last minute.

After all, this year there’s a precedent.


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