Editorial — June 18, 2014

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A Prince Albert Collegiate Institute Grade 12 English Language Arts A30 class taught by Evonne Garrett worked with Daily Herald managing editor Perry Bergson last month on writing editorials for newspapers. Over the last month, students wrote about a number of issues; this is the final installment. This editorial was written by Pearse Dombowsky.


Do you ever wonder if video games are really that bad for you? Well, Research believes that video games which people play two to seven hours every day rather then two to four hours every three to four days a week get angry easier than others.

Other ways it can be bad is that it can cause people to not to concentrate and not be very good at being social with others.

But there is a good thing about gaming it teaches life skills such as listening to rules. Some video games have certain rules you have to follow or game types. “Call of Duty”, “Halo”, and “Gears of War” are all good examples of having team work with others you may not know. 

Team work is helpful in the real world and they teach people to think strategically and multitasking such as protecting a base, flag, or bomb and you need to think of ways on how you’re going to protect it and how your team will get through it.

Not everyone that picks up a controller is going to be good at it and watching a first person shooter on the screen is hard for people and some can get motion sickness from it from the movement and the detailed graphics.

Also with accuracy and situational awareness showing that in “Call of Duty” there is a thing called quick scoping not a lot of people are good at it but some people can do it no problem from practising it and learning how to do it and learning maps and what the surrounding is and if you’re cornered by enemies you learn ways to get out of situations like that.

Some games involve taking risks and learning from mistakes and doing them differently as you would in the real world.

I do think that it does help with certain life skills and also doesn’t help as much either such as I am the two to seven hours a day gamer I do get mad easily but I am good at working as a team and leading people.

Some bad has come for me from gaming for most of my life, I do have some trouble concentrating in school or other activities because the games I play don’t involve puzzles or anything that makes me think more than defeating the objective.

Also the violent fighting video games have made me angrier then I would have if I didn’t because it’s the fighting for the win and there is no rules just fighting. The other games that involve puzzles and clues such as “Resident Evil” it makes me think more and try and find ways to beat it.

I really do think video games have altered my brain and can cause certain damages to the brain whether the game it is.

Video games have helped me with my people skills actually by talking to people I don’t know and it’s hard on my brain but video games are fun but there is a limit for everyone, not everyone can play games for two to seven hours a day.


Organizations: Prince Albert Collegiate Institute Grade, Daily Herald

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