Editorial — June 16, 2014

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A Prince Albert Collegiate Institute Grade 12 English Language Arts A30 class taught by Evonne Garrett worked with Daily Herald managing editor Perry Bergson last month on writing editorials for newspapers. Over the next month we’ll give them a chance to speak up on issues that are meaningful to them. This one was written by Cole Knutson


Veterans nowadays are thrown around like a crumpled up piece of paper.

The veterans depend on the Health Courts and Veterans Affairs for what they need for their medical issues. If the government thinks that the veterans don't need the offices, we have a problem. The veterans had felt disrespected after a meeting with Fantino, the minister of the Veterans Affairs offices, in January. Veterans think that suicides the answer. I think that this could be changed.

According to a news article in CBC news  the veterans are feeling disrespected, like the crumply paper getting thrown away, after a meeting with Fantino in January. The meeting was to discuss the issue of closing down the health courts and the Veterans Affairs offices across the country. Fantino had been late for the meeting and had some nasty words for the veterans. Fantino had then not answered the veterans' questions causing them to feel disrespected. The veterans suggested that Fantino quit or get fired.

The Health Courts help the veterans with integration into society coming from war and other things like finances and health, like a recycling program which helps paper serve in another capacity. These Health Courts are the veterans strong hold that keeps them in place. The Health Courts aren't the only service that the veterans can go to.

There is also the Veterans Affairs office. They try to find the time to do things face to face with the veterans. But the veterans might not get that in the future. The veterans have had their Health Courts and Veterans Affairs offices closed because the government thinks the Health Courts and Veteran Affairs are "Under used", like a crumply piece of paper. Yet they have the guts to close down a office with fourteen employees when another which has eleven.

The rate for suicide for veterans is very high. One of five veterans have committed or thought about suicide as an option in life. Suicide is not a fun topic to talk with someone about. Suicide happens every day and everywhere for different reasons.

For veterans it is because society has a harsh way of telling those with disorders that they're different, like a crumply piece of paper different and useless, and they will not fit in at any moment of their life. They have programs at those health courts for the veterans to take for integrating themselves into society.

Veterans are treated like a crumpled up paper. They are pushed around and thrown away.  The government thinks that they can be moved and tossed around like they don't mean anything. Imagine that you found a crumpled up piece of paper and right beside it is a nice clean new crisp paper. Which one would you pick?

We all have a good side inside of us. The government must prove that they still have one too.

Organizations: The Health Courts, Veterans Affairs, Prince Albert Collegiate Institute Grade Daily Herald CBC

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