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A Prince Albert Collegiate Institute Grade 12 English Language Arts A30 class taught by Evonne Garrett worked with Daily Herald managing editor Perry Bergson last month on writing editorials for newspapers. Over the next month we’ll give them a chance to speak up on issues that are meaningful to them. This one was written by Natalie Tischenko.


Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world and we have to value this gift. Paying for tuition, school supplies and living costs can be expensive and tens of thousands of students today are left with no choice but go to the government or the banks for a loan.

Student loan debt is an issue in Canada and there has to be a change. Every year since the 1990s education cost is rising and that creates problems for the students who are not able to pay back their loans. If education cost will keep rising, soon there will be not many students who can afford to go to university or college.

Student loans are a big part of education in Canada, and education is very important to each individual but is that all what the government could do about this issue? Will we have to search for affordable education or maybe not be able to get it at all in the future years? Canada is a well-developed country and it can change increasingly if the cost of education will rise.

The average debt of Canadian students is reaching up to 26 000 dollars, that is only average for each student but how much is there altogether? Can you imagine how high it will be in a couple years? 

Education is a big part for everyone and all individuals in Canada have to get the opportunity to learn and work, but if the costs will be rising education will not be accessible for everyone.

Money doesn’t grow on trees, but that’s what the government expects from Canadian citizen. This issue was brought up in Quebec and it has gone so far that students started to do a protest. After the major protest, the government started to work on this problem, to avoid any more protests, or events that could cause problems in society.

The first change about this issue was that the percentage of interest for student loans was decreased but it didn’t really help all students and it wasn’t that big of a change.

Student debt is neither inevitable nor necessary, but why is the government not making a change about this issue?  If the amount of money the federal government spent on saving plans and education-related tax credits each year had been moved to the Student Grants Programs, Student debt could be greatly reduced.

This issue is as important as unemployment because it will affect what you actually know to get a job in your community.

The Canadian government marginalized the student voice, and refused to recognize their strike votes. Does it look like respecting their voices?

It is an issue and we have to start work on this problem “The price of success is now a lot more expensive than it used to be” (CBC Player). We have to start recognize this issue and consider how and who it will affect as well. Education is part of every Canadian individual’s life and it has to stay that way because education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

A change in education is a change in society and it affects you and me; everybody. We have to start make a change before it will be too late.

Organizations: Prince Albert Collegiate Institute Grade, Daily Herald, Student Grants Programs CBC Player

Geographic location: Canada, Quebec

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Recent comments

  • Hensel
    June 08, 2014 - 12:11

    Tuition is not unreasonable, and it remains possible to earn an entire year's tuition during the four month summer of college. Tuition makes students value education, and encourages pursuit of training, nursing, engineering, that will lead to in demand jobs. Perhaps the one negative that should be addressed, is fast food outlets and retail hiring foreign workers, rather than accommodate students' schedules over the summer? Do we really need Tim's to keep costs down to $10 per hour labor at 3 AM, rather than pay say $15 to make it attractive to students? Still, work remains. We need to encourage the Conservatives to tighten the loop holes on foreign workers. We need to encourage students to work over the summer, start the summer you turn 15, and save for college like we all had to do. It builds character. It teaches financial responsibility. We can't all be Brad Wall, spending our whole lives working for the government...

  • Hensel
    June 07, 2014 - 11:54

    I think tuition is reasonable. The majority of university costs are still tax payer funded. Tuition lessens the burden on tax payers, who may not have had the marks, or desire to go to college themselves. Granted, tuition was $3,000 a year when I went to college. But I worked two summer jobs, lived in my parents basement, and later with room mates in a basement. This made me learn the value of saving. It made me value my education, and work hard. These days, parents buy their children condos, no room mates. More students seem to get a silly degree (history, psychology etc) which they barely pass. We need psychologists and historians, but not thousands a year. Tuition makes students think about what JOB they will get at the end. SIAST is no much better, with silly two and three year diplomas like "sport admin" that also does not lead to work. Saskatchewan needs engineers, tradespeople and nurses. Perhaps say "the top half of the class gets 20% rebated, top 10% of the class gets half their tuition back"?? For in demand programs only? Maybe fund/subsidize 20 psyc and history students a year... everyone else pays ACTUAL cost, $10,000 to $20,000 ANNUALLY for tuition. Tuition is not that much, students should ALL get summer jobs in high school to start saving. They should work part time during college. In a province where Tim Horton's ships in boatloads of Filipino workers to staff evenings, in the summer and weekends, there is work out there! Perhaps the bigger issue is that Tim's and others should have to pay better, rather than ship more and more foreign workers. Still, 4 month summer, minimum wage, X 16 weeks X 40 hours/week X $10 per = $6,400 annually... well gosh, that's more than under grad commerce or engineering tuition! and that doesn't include a WEEKEND school year job!