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A Prince Albert Collegiate Institute Grade 12 English Language Arts A30 class taught by Evonne Garrett worked with Daily Herald managing editor Perry Bergson last month on writing editorials for newspapers. Over the next month we’ll give them a chance to speak up on issues that are meaningful to them. This one was written by Jerome Echavez.



Why are the rights of the disabled not included in the Human Rights Code? David Lepofsky, a disability activist from University of Toronto Faculty of Law, talked about how people demanded the disability rights to be in the Human Rights Code, he is fighting to amend the Canadian Charter of Rights to protect the equality of Canada’s disabled people.

“All those rights were in there one way or another except for one. And that was equality for people with physical and mental disabilities.” David Lepofsky said inside the Osgoode Law School, this gentleman is trying to change the way disabled people are treated. He wants to break the barriers so that the disabled can be treated equally, because there is too much discrimination and stereotypes against them.

The disabled are also over secured inside hospitals like prisoners though a hospital is a place of medicine not a prison, David wants to change all of this that is why he wants to include the disability rights to the Human Rights Code. Gus Reed who is a disabled man told his story about how he moved to Halifax in 2003 and why he moved there, Gus had reasons to move in Halifax. His reason was because of the Right to Work.

He wanted to live there because winter is nice and his wheelchair is always welcome because the Federal Law, but Gus Reed noticed that the human rights in Canada did not consider the disability to be part of the Human Rights Code. So he demands that Canada should include the disabled rights to be in the Human Rights Code, because it is not fair for him and other people out there with disabilities.

Both Gus and David are fighting for the rights of the disabled because they want to break the barriers of discrimination so that people with disability can be considered real human beings.

This discrimination does not only affect adults but children as well in other schools. This is where the pink shirt day comes in to play, even though the pink shirt day promotes anti bullying it also defends children with disability from any type of harm.

If you are a person with disability, do you want a world where the rights of the disability never existed? No right! Because it is not fair to you, it is like saying you are not human, just a waste of space or some kind of animal, these words hurt but you are not that because you live in a world where you can be who you are.

People are always like that, some people are nice and some people are bad but don’t let the bad people hurt you because you are not alone. There are about 7 billion people in the world to so don’t let one person ruin your life just because you are a person with mental and physical disability. “The only disability in life is a bad attitude.” Scott Hamilton said.

Organizations: Prince Albert Collegiate Institute Grade, Daily Herald, University of Toronto Canadian Charter

Geographic location: Canada, Halifax

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