COLUMN: Lyle Karasiuk — Jan. 30, 2014

Lyle Karasiuk
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Being in the right place at the right time can make all the difference at any emergency. Driving by a motor vehicle collision, stopping to help, if only to place a call for help, makes a difference.

But what happens when you witness an emergency, will you know what to do? If suddenly someone collapsed right before your eyes on the bus, in line at the bank, in a movie theatre, would you be willing and know what to do?

Many of us might stare in disbelief as if watching a cheap movie rerun or turn to the person next to them in the hopes that they would spring into action. An even smaller group will spring into action, take charge and do their very best. IT’s not that many of don’t know what to do we are fearful of doing the wrong thing.

Maybe you fear you’ll make a mistake or what if I did something and things got worse. What if … and we could do try to guess many options or alternatives. But one thing is for sure if no one does anything the person slumped over the wheel of a vehicle is going to stay exactly there slumped over the wheel of the vehicle. But you can make a difference, yes you!

All you have to do is do something, as something, just anything is better than nothing. Placing a call for help, keeping someone warm, starting their breathing, doing CPR or simply not moving them till the paramedics arrive are all good things depending the situation.

It only takes a little courage on your part to step safely out of your comfort zone and help. It is as easy as putting one hand on top of the other and pushy down on the person’s chest if CPR is required. It is as easy as finding the AED and turning it on to follow the lifesaving instructions.

Get trained is now as easy as sitting at your computer. Parkland Ambulance offers first aid and CPR training and now we have access to eLearning which is an exciting opportunity for you or your business. Image that your employees only need to be gone from the workplace for between four to six hours vs two full days.

The course itself is also more affordable because of the shorter classroom hours. But anyone from folks in the workplace to students or anyone needing first aid training can benefit from on-line first aid training. So for all your first aid training needs, please give our office a call.

So how can you improve the safety of your workplace? Besides the aspect of first aid training, do you have an AED on-site? An AED or automated external defibrillator is now an affordable, easy to use device. Hundreds of devices are in and around Prince Albert. One maybe near you! To find out where these devices are go to From the tabs select new and community then Heart Safe AED map. Every business and organization can benefit from an AED, to learn more contact us. If you are a community rink anywhere, the federal government has a program to get you a free, yes free AED. To learn more call our office 306-953-8358 and we’ll get you signed up.

Answer a few questions, fill out the forms and you will qualify for a device. Being safe includes knowing what to do in any emergency. But being safe means also to have trained people, the right tools and the willingness to do something. Don’t just stand there, get trained and get an AED.

Geographic location: Prince Albert

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