COLUMN: Lyle Karasiuk — Jan. 2, 2014

Lyle Karasiuk
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Another year has passed. For some it has been a great year. New opportunities, hew hope, maybe the birth of a new baby, but maybe it has been a year of sadness if someone has passed away, or facing the challenge of a serious illness. Good or bad, we cannot change the past nor do we know the future but we do know that if make the most out of each day, new richness will be found.

Looking back on 2013, it has been a tremendous year for Parkland Ambulance Care Paramedics and telecommunications staff. The renovations of our 2nd Avenue facility were probably the biggest highlight. The new year of 2014 will bring new opportunities to many of our primary care paramedics with their new expanded scope of practice. This new scope means our paramedics at all levels are better able to respond to your emergency. The diversity will add new level of care to a very advancing profession.

In our telecommunications centre, the new CAD or computer-aided dispatch system will improve the dispatch information. It will create the eventual opportunity for tablets or other mobile data terminals in the ambulance vehicle which will improve the level of service to everyone we serve.

It is has been a great year for Parkland Ambulance Care but we are optimistic to the new challenges that await us in 2014.

Many of us will start our new year off with a resolution. Maybe it is simple like getting more rest or getting more exercise. Maybe it is quitting smoking or eating better and healthier. Any change is good but change can be difficult, frightening and difficult. Change is not something any of us like because the fear of the unknown, the unknown we cannot control, makes us be a bit hesitant. But change is good as Shrek would say.

Pointing us in a new direction, into uncharted waters can be a very good thing. When we step from our comfort zone, we can in fact see some great new results.

So what is your New Year Resolution? Wishing you success in achieving those goals and making a resolution a reality.

I want offer you a resolution to become better prepared this year. Whether it is to improve the health and safety of your workplace or your home, we can all be a bit better prepared. Just a week ago a winter storm hit Toronto leaving thousands without power. Prince Albert faced that in 2012 but what if had been winter. We all reminded to prepare for the worst but hope for the best. is a great Government of Canada web site to help you and your family be prepared. Maybe you are thinking we can certainly be safer in our workplace too.

Consider first aid training, purchasing an AED or learning other safety topics such as WHMIS. We can certainly help you in that respect. Parkland Ambulance offers many safety programs including a new on-line Red Cross first aid program. Yes, if your own home or at the office you do all the learning then come to a special first aid skills session to test and learn some basic skills. Already a number of people have chosen to learn first aid via the on-line program.

Drop us an email at or call 306-953-8358 to learn more. Maybe you’d like to have first aid tips at your fingertips. Have you downloaded the Red Cross First Aid app?

Visit and download some really great and useful first aid information. It is not a replacement for a first aid course but a great starting point.

Whatever the 2014 year brings please have a safe and healthy new year. From the management and staff, all the paramedics, communications personnel and support staff HAPPY NEW YEAR May it be a new year of good health and happiness to you all!

Organizations: Parkland Ambulance Care Paramedics, Prince Albert, Red Cross

Geographic location: 2nd Avenue, Toronto, Canada

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