COLUMN: Lyle Karasiuk — Dec. 5, 2013

Lyle Karasiuk
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The hustle and the bustle of Christmas surround us. From Black Friday to Cyber Monday to something called Giving Tuesday it seems like everyone is trying capitalizing on our credit card.

While the sale ring up and the madness of getting to concerts, parties more concerts and more parties, maybe we need to flop in our easy chair and catch our breath. I’ll make a little plug for a holiday without shopping, bright lights, 50 per cent off or no parking spots in the mall.

Maybe a little more family time or even a little me time too to just sit and rest. In the time spent with family and friends maybe a little exercise too!

So thus my plug for a less commercialized Christmas but a season of giving because as I said to someone this week there are so many with so little that need a hand up not a hand out. So throw five dollars in the Salvation Army kettle, pay for a strangers double double, give a neighbor a ride to the mall, it is a season where it is better to give than it is to receive.

I’ll throw in a plug to the Give a Little Life Day this Friday, Dec, 6 all in support of the emergency room in our hospital. Every little bit helps!

So this weekend you might want to go tobogganing as a family. If the weather is nice what a great way to get outside rather than stuck in doors watching TV. If you are heading out please do try to make a simple fun activity just a bit safer:

• The toboggan hill parents is not a place to drop of the kids and they’ll look after themselves. It requires your adult supervision.

• Strings from hoodies, scarves or toques with long tails might get caught on something so tuck them into clothing or not wear them at all.

• While almost anything can become the magic carpet for the hill, try and find something you can steer and control.

• Launching yourself head first maybe an Olympic sport but not on the toboggan hill.

• There is something to be said for a helmet, so consider one to lessen the degree of potential injury.

• Be sure the area is free of rocks, trees and other people before heading down.

• Ensure that while you pick up speed don’t forget you have to stop so avoid hills close to roadways where the sudden collision with a vehicle might be a terrible sudden stop.

• Dress for the weather but in layers too. As activity heats you up you can remove layers but add if you get too cold as well.

• With the bright sunshine on a snowy hill a good pair of sunglasses might be needed.

• Be prepared for an emergency and know where to access the emergency number if needed such as the neighbour’s house, someone’s cell phone or a ski lodge if close by.

There are lots to do this winter from skiing to snowshoeing to going for a walk or even heading indoors to a gym. Whatever your thing try and get out vs. stuck indoors. Some exercise is better than none. As I suffer with a cold I’ll put in a plug for what every mother reminds their family, rest, drink plenty of fluids and wash those hands.

Ensuring that you have a healthy winter season is the order of the day!

Organizations: Salvation Army

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