COLUMN: Dave Leaderhouse — Aug. 17, 2013

Dave Leaderhouse
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I want to start this piece by congratulating the newest inductees onto the Prince Albert Raiders Wall of Honour.

Brad McCrimmon, Jim Bristowe and Doug Winterton are all very worthy inductees and long overdue for the recognition of what they brought to the Raider franchise.

I remember when McCrimmon first joined the Raiders. He was a couple of years older than me, but you knew right away he was something special. When I was playing bantam hockey he came to a couple of our practices and what this guy could do with the puck just stopped all of us in our tracks.

As a former Raider I followed his professional career a little closer than others and he had a pretty impressive run in the NHL. Winning the Stanley Cup is everyone’s ultimate dream and he achieved that in 1989 with the Calgary Flames.

His life ended tragically two years ago in a plane crash in Russia, but it is nice to see the Raiders bringing his career back to life for everyone to remember. It will be a special night when the McCrimmon family gets to see and hear what Brad did during his two years with the team. He truly is a part of the Raider history.

The same goes for Bristowe and Winterton. Both have been long-serving volunteers for the organization and did whatever was needed to make the team a success. Both were on the board of directors and have been die-hard fans since the team was first conceived in 1971.

Mark Sept. 27 on your calendar because these three people deserve a special night and it is nice to see it finally arrive.


• • •


Sticking with the theme of passing out kudos, I just want to acknowledge the hard work that the paving crews are doing in the city.

There is a lot of bickering about the state our roads are in, but if you go for a drive around Prince Albert you will notice a lot of repairs have been done. A perfect example is the stretch around the court house. That whole area needed a workover and this week it got done and looks fantastic.

Keep up the good work folks. I know there were some hard words exchanged when our taxes got raised to finance this work, but seeing the finished product makes it a lot easier to digest. There is still a lot of work to do, but I think the city is on the right track.


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Going to concerts never gets old for me and this week I made a quick trip to Regina to see Sir Paul McCartney and if I ever live to be 71 I hope I have his energy and wit.

McCartney was absolutely brilliant. He interacted with the 40,000-plus people and went through a wide range of music from his days with The Beatles and then as a solo artist with Wings.

Naturally, there are some songs you wish he would have played, but with this guy he would have had to play for three solid days to include everything he recorded. I have been a huge fan of his forever and to see him twice in eight months (I made a trip to Edmonton last November never dreaming he would be in Saskatchewan) is something I will always remember. The goose bumps were just as real this time when he sang Let it Be and Hey Jude as they were last fall and when he brought the local pipe band out for Mull of Kintyre, it just doesn’t get any better than that.

I loved McCartney’s tributes to his fallen friends John Lennon and George Harrison, especially when he acknowledged Harrison’s songwriting abilities in the hit “Something.”

McCartney played for three hours and although it was a long day and even longer night with the trip back home it was worth it. He truly is a living legend.


• • •


Finally, I have to share this story because it made me laugh out loud.

I had a good friend come back home recently and while I was working he would go about seeing how Prince Albert has changed since he lived here.

This one night when we got together the first words out his mouth were, “what is up with the radio stations slamming the newspaper all day long?”

That is when I laughed because I had no real good answer for that question.

We talked about this for a bit and finally I just told him when it first happened it bothered me, but now I don’t even listen to local radio simply because of that. He responds by saying he has never heard anything so crazy and in other centres that just wouldn’t be tolerated or considered.

I just shrugged thinking it is rather lame considering the family that owns the radio station is often thought of being a pillar of the community yet, for some reason, the radio stations feel it necessary to try and bury a business in the city. You don’t hear car dealers going after each others throats nor do you see other professionals doing what is being done in the media.

Like I said to my friend, it used to bother me, but I have tuned it out and just go about my business. It was rather funny that something like that is what my friend picked up on and took away from his visit to Prince Albert.


Dave Leaderhouse is a reporter with the Prince Albert Daily Herald.


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