Letter to the Editor: Nicole Marino — Feb. 2, 2013

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Can the City of Prince Albert not do anything about these icy roads???

I realize we have gotten a lot of snow this year. To the point that the snow is really affecting all of us living here. I do have an issue though about the icy roads in Prince Albert ... where oh where are the sanders to help this glare ice on every road?

It doesn't matter how good your tires, 4 by 4 or how good of a driver you are. Everyone is slipping all over the place.

I have been all over PA in the past few days and the situation is just getting worse. There are shiny, icy roads with absolutely no sign of sanders or sand even on the roads to help vehicles get traction.

Everyone I talk too has a story of how they almost slid into someone or vice versa.

What is it going to take to get some sand on these roads?

Even the main roads have no sand. I can see the side roads not being a priority but come on City, can’t we at least do the main more busy roads. It’s to the point I am scared to even have my children walk across the street at cross walks as I don’t know if the cars will be able to stop and not hit them. I have made numerous calls with no answer from the City.

Now I know I can't possibly be the only person really concerned about this.

Hello new mayor ... how about some help here?


Nicole Marino

Prince Albert

Geographic location: Prince Albert

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