Letter to the Editor: Greg Chatterson — Jan. 16, 2013

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I have now attended two marches with Idol no more and have been extremely impressed as to the peaceful nature of the movement. There is a gentle dedication in INM that recognizes the inherent good that is in most people. INM presents a beautiful recognition of human optimism and potential. It addresses the underlying frustration of the majority that we are being inhibited from progressing with positive change for the benefit of all present and future life on earth.

INM has given hope to that generally silent majority that they we can successfully entertain visions based on sustainable harmony with our natural environment. Apparently INM has attention of most and the hearts of many Canadians. 

The only damage the movement has created is to erode the elitist contention that the worship of the almighty dollar is the singular defining measurement of human success.  This measurement devalues lifetimes of conscientious human activity to no greater recognition than quarterly financial reports. It degrades the gifts of natural resources given to all life through creation to a future of resource domination for immediate financial profit of the few.

It is a measurement that begs the question, what is the value of human qualities and institutions such as love, family, community, health, prayer, peace and prosperity? The measurement retards the potential of human progress by reducing access to affordable education, health care and the basics of food, shelter and clothing. The measurement controls societies, countries and most of the present generation through the systematic implementation consumerism through debt slavery.

The corporate elitists whose figurehead in this Country is our prime minister never counted on Idol No More and they are presently confused as to how to deal with it. Minor condescending concessions can no longer camouflage the menacing corporate agenda. INM has made that very clear.  Violent crackdown is still an option even if it puts Harper in the same reviled position as Assad, Gadhafi or Hitler. Harper has already built the prisons.

Suppression and incarceration of huge numbers of people builds the GDP and consequently his sacred economy. That option has not escaped him and could be a part of his agenda especially since he has already rejected our traditional practices in his contempt for Democracy and parliamentary procedure.

To pacify the public by reversal of his inflammatory policies, which created the INM movement in the first place, seems a little too farfetched to expect from Mr. Stephen Harper.

Greg Chatterson

Fort San

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