COLUMN: Lyle Karasiuk — Jan. 3, 2013

Lyle Karasiuk
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Here’s to a healthier new you


Happy New Year everyone! May 2013 be a good year or good health and wealth; remember wealth comes in many ways too not just hard spendable cash.

If you open the paper, read a magazine or watch TV everyone is telling us it is time to get fit. One of the many New Year resolutions people make is to eat healthier or to get more exercise. I’ll bet if we surveyed the local gyms in the city we’d find that the first couple months of the year are likely the busiest with new memberships.

Why? Probably because we’ve had just way too much food over the Christmas season.  Maybe we’ve tried on that favorite dress or new suit and found wow it just doesn’t fit like when I bought it.

So what’s your goal for the New Year? Everyone needs a goal. A goal gives us something to work towards with a sense of accomplishment in the end.  Regardless of whom we are, all of us could eat better, sleep more, exercise more and find ways to reduce stress in our lives.

So how can you succeed at your goal? Well if it is healthier eating maybe it is a small change such as eating less bread and more fruits and vegetables. I remember years ago bumping into someone I had not seen in quite some time and saying “wow you look like you’ve lost a lot of weight!”

The response was “I still like my popcorn but now I go for a walk at least every other day.” So it is not about dramatic changes but simple achievable goals that will make a big difference.

Get a co-worker, friends or family members involved might make be the difference. A little change like more water and less soda pop can be a big change to your overall health. Whatever your New Year goal is make it a small achievable and consistent life change.

Here’s to your healthier new year.


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Achieving your goals is as easy as posting a note on the fridge or maybe programming a reminder into your electronic calendar.

Over the holidays, many parents used the services of a babysitter. A neighbour next door or the friend’s older child from the next block. Be sure to choose a babysitter that is responsible.

Invite the babysitter over before you need them so they can be orientated to your home. What areas are off limits to the kids? What the household rules that pertain to TV or movies? Where do I find the snacks, toys, or even the first aid kit for a Band-Aid?

Every babysitter needs to know what to do in an emergency especially if they had to leave the house where do they go with the younger children? Make sure the babysitter knows how to reach the parents and if they cannot be reached what is the alternative. Every babysitter should know some basic first aid especially how to prevent emergencies but importantly is falls, bleeding and chocking.

 Be prepared and ensure that your babysitter is too!

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