Letter to the Editor: PACI -- Zac Dubinak — Dec. 8, 2012

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Editor’s note: A Grade 12 English class at Prince Albert Collegiate Institute has been working on editorials on world issues. Daily Herald managing editor Perry Bergson visited their classroom last month to lend a hand. The results will be showing up the pages of the Daily Herald in coming weeks.


Canada should keep their troops in Afghanistan because they are a lot of help. We do tons of stuff like train and ready soldiers. Earlier on we helped with some more combat roles too.

U.S. citizens are saying Canada has been doing nothing in the Afghanistan war. The National Post says "Canada has already been doing work in Kandahar, and can continue it in Kabul, where, for example, a military academy is graduating 1,400 new soldiers every two weeks” says National Post. NATO needs Canada's help to keep the pipeline of trained soldiers flowing."

I think Canada should keep their troops in Afghanistan because they are in a non-combat role at the moment and is training soldiers. We might as well help since there are next to no casualties at all.  When we establish enough trained soldiers in Afghanistan and they can stand on their feet we can leave it to the trained soldiers to keep their country from being a safe haven for terrorists.

Nothing in Afghanistan is risk free. But a non-combat role is safer than Kandahar. People say we only have 2,500 soldiers in Afghanistan, well 950 of them are trainers and they are training 1,400 soldiers every two weeks. Canada has done lots but that shouldn't stop us from taking on a safer but just as vital mission. Canada has 950 trainers in Afghanistan; all together there are only 1,700 trainers in Afghanistan. So we have more than half of all the trainers.

So if we leave, the number of soldiers graduating every two weeks will decrease greatly.

Maj.-Gen. Michael Day Says "I don't want to diminish for a second what we've been doing for 10 years down South" in Kandahar. "It was an incredible accomplishment. But this is where the campaign will be won or lost” Says Maj.-Gen Michael Day.  Even the soldiers feel accomplished and want to meet their goal of 350,000 trained soldiers in Afghanistan. They also want to train a police force so they can take over and destroy the insurgents in battle. The goal is to have the 350,000 trained soldiers by 2014.

Do you want a possible threat of getting killed by terrorists? Because I know I don’t want that threat.  Do you want terrorists to regroup, to gain strength and crash a plane into a big, populated building killing a lot of people? I know I wouldn’t want those innocent people to die. Why do they deserve to die when we could have prevented that? 

I think that would be a horrible reputation to have.  I think we should make the world a better place by getting rid of all the terrorists in Afghanistan so we as citizens do not have to worry about getting killed by the Taliban.


Zac Dubinak

PACI Grade 12 student


Organizations: National Post, NATO, Taliban

Geographic location: Afghanistan, Canada, Kandahar U.S. Kabul

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