Letter to the Editor: PACI -- Adam Mazurkewich — Dec. 4, 2012

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Editor’s note: A Grade 12 English class at Prince Albert Collegiate Institute has been working on editorials on world issues. Daily Herald managing editor Perry Bergson visited their classroom last month to lend a hand. The results will be showing up the pages of the Daily Herald in coming weeks.



I am trying to raise awareness in the community about diabetes, and the impact it has on young, middle aged, and senior citizens.  This essentially is the community as a whole because diabetes is one of those crucial diseases that can be cured but can have an effect on anyone.

We as a community need to be more aware of diabetes. This would mean being aware of the cures or treatments or the basic knowledge of the disease.  People need to know that diabetes can be cured with insulin, healthy dieting or medication such as prescribed pills.

What we don’t have is a support or organization in our community that helps focus on this disease. I believe that a support group would be ideal for those younger, middle aged, or senior citizens.

The younger generation could benefit from this group for counseling, support, or education on how to maintain well eating and how to take insulin properly and carefully. Middle aged and senior citizens would have access to the same features. Seniors would be able to have someone sit down with them and give them the time needed to teach them how to be more independent with diabetes control.

The general public will also benefit from this group; they will be able to have access to free information and courses that deal with diabetes. It’s important to provide this feature for the public because diabetes is a major but common disease, but we can change the way it works if the public can benefit from this support group maybe more people will change lifestyle habits and create a healthy diet so that type two diabetes can be avoided. Type one will always remain but at least as a community we will be prepared and ready for whatever the future holds

This will bring our community closer together on preventing diabetes and being more informed of the risks. It will also be taking care of our loved ones and knowing that they are aware of the disease. Together we will put a halt on diabetes and all live healthy in the community.

Organizations: Prince Albert Collegiate Institute, Daily Herald

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