COLUMN: Lyle Karasiuk — Aug. 30, 2012

Lyle Karasiuk
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Next week marks the start of classes for all students in Prince Albert and area.

Some are anxious and excited as they maybe are looking forward to seeing friends and new subjects at school. As football practices have already begun, the new school year awaits.

Parents, it is that important time to begin the drill of which way to walk to school, where to wait for the bus and how to safely cross the street. Whether it is your child’s first school day or they are a seasoned pro, a reminder is essential. As parents teach your child to stop, look both ways and when safe to do so walk don’t run across the street. Push the bike or carry the skateboard, and always when possible, obey the instructions of our school patrollers. Rain or shine, school patrollers make the cross walks safer.

Thank you goes out to the Optimist Club who sponsors the Prince Albert School Patrollers Spring Jamboree. Thank you Optimist!

Parents, if you drive your child to school, always drop them off alongside the school. Try to avoid having them dash across the street. While it might mean an extra trip around the block, your child’s safety is worth it. Please everyone obey the posted speed limits in all school zones. Slow down and give every child the chance to get to and from school safely.

Riding the school bus for hundreds of children is a daily event. One of the most dangerous times for a child is getting on or off the bus.

School buses will always load children along the school side. Motorists please watch for flashing red lights and the flashing stop arm to indicate the school bus is loading and unloading children.

It is unlawful to pass a school bus when it is displaying its flashing red lights. Children are never ever to cross in front of the bus after they get off. It is very hard for the bus driver to see the child and for traffic to know a child might be crossing.

Children should step back at least 10 big steps away from the bus, wait till it pulls away, then when safe cross the street.

While riding the bus please be sure to teach your child to remain seated at all times respecting the directions of the bus driver.

Walking to and from school can be a challenge. Teach your child to come directly home. Walk with a friend and never take a ride from a stranger.

Strangers can be very good about having a small child believe the parents have sent them to pick them up. If approached by a stranger, children need to make a lot of noise to attract others.

Run to the nearest house or back into the school for safety. If your child comes home alone or with a younger sibling, be sure that some simple easy to follow rules are obeyed. First check in with mom or dad. Never answer the door or say to stranger on the phone my mom or dad is not home. Get homework done right away! If danger does occur and you need help call 9-1-1.

Going back to school is great fun. To all parents and students, good luck in the coming school year and welcome back teachers!

Organizations: Optimist Club, Prince Albert School Patrollers

Geographic location: Prince Albert

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