Letter to the Editor — Pierre Chartier — July 31, 2012

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I cannot understand why they want to ship those highly radioactive fuel rods west and into the northern part of Saskatchewan. Ontario and Quebec have the very same type of rock formation that we have here.

So again I ask, why here?

Is it because of the type of people they have over there? Up here it is predominantly Aboriginal people. Are they expendable?

All residents east of Saskatchewan should be very, very worried. Transportation poses a very great threat, as the trains that bring the material west are in danger of being derailed. In the past year alone there have been somewhere between 100 and 120 derailments, big and small. That should be food for thought.

The two villages that are clamouring to get the contract or contracts to have it sent and buried in their area are really naive and ignorant as to the dangers it poses burying it in the rock. People always refer to rock as being solid — and to a certain extent that is true — but it is full of fissures (cracks) and there are bodies of water down there under great pressure. This is something that I have experienced myself. I was a diamond driller for a number of years, underground and on the surface, so I know what I am talking about. I’ve hit water where the pressure was so great that I could not put the bit and rods down for several weeks.

If, and this could happen, there was a leak of one of those containers it would enter the Churchill River system and end up in Lake Winnipeg. I’m sure the people of Winnipeg would not want that to happen. Too little is known about what could happen.

Take a lesson from the recent oil spill in Alberta. Most people do not want pipelines. But regardless of what the people want and think, they’ll be built. You cannot fight big corporations and the government. All they see is dollar signs. That comes first. Spoiling the beauty of the land and contaminating the water comes last on their agenda.

I hope the people of Pinehouse Lake and Patuanak slow down a bit and think about what they could be doing to future generations that will come after them.

I’ve said before and I’ll say it again, if we ever get nuclear generating plants in our area, we will bury the waste in our backyard.

The east should do the same.


Pierre Chartier

Buffalo Narrows



Geographic location: Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec Churchill River Lake Winnipeg Winnipeg Alberta Pinehouse Lake Buffalo Narrows

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