Letter to the editor: Joe Gingrich — July 25, 2012

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Some people are in a rush for Premier Brad Wall to use our tax money to build a new stadium for the Saskatchewan Roughriders. But it is unlikely an open air facility will generate enough revenue for its own future upkeep because it can't be operated year round.

Maintenance costs of this structure will probably be much more than the initial construction costs. The business world calls this short-sighted and such a venture is called a white elephant. More public monies will likely be necessary over the life of this building to maintain it.

These fees must be paid by government, muncipal and/or provincial, forever. That's called an albatross.

However, the province is $9.2 billion in debt and annually pays interest fees of $400 million on this borrowed money. Obviously Saskatchewan is in the red and must borrow more money to fund this new stadium.

Even so, business acumen would dictate either investing in a building, which can be expected to raise sufficient revenues to cover future maintenance costs or scrap the idea.

That's the way keen individuals, private homes and businesses must operate, or they like some governments, will go bankrupt. In fact, our province could go bankrupt too if good business practices are disregarded and it seems they have been. Sometimes "haste makes waste."

Joe Gingrich


Geographic location: Saskatchewan

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