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Tyler Clarke
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Prince Albert author Cara Breadner (pen name C. D. Breadner) is seen with her six published novels at the Focus on Women Trade Show at the Prince Albert Exhibition Centre on Saturday. 

A teacher back in Grade 6 has left a lifelong impression on local author Cara Breadner.


Like most students, Breadner didn’t know Mr. Walker’s first name at the time, and still doesn’t, but she is certain that he had a positive impact on her.  

“He said to me at one point, ‘If I find out that you, as an adult, have not written a book I’m going to be very disappointed,’” she relayed.

After not seeing Mr. Walker for years, they bumped into one another about 14 years ago at a local gym, and he hadn’t forgotten what he told her many years before.

He asked whether she’d published anything yet, Breadner recalled.

“I said, ‘No,’ and he just shook his head.”

She continued to write, but the fear of rejection served as a brick wall in getting anything out there.

The Prince Albert Published Authors -- an informal organization of local authors -- cheerleaded her effort along other friends, pushing her to finally bit the bullet and self-published her first book, Sin Eater.

Reflecting on the novel, which was inspired by a nightmare about an evil being that feeds on sin, Breadner said it was primarily the characters she created that spurred her to finish it.

“The characters talk to you and they do their own thing,” she said, adding that she sincerely wanted to know what they did.

With her characters fully developed, this book’s sequel, Soul Stealer, was much easier to write.

Another series she’s working on centres on the fictional Red Rebels motorcycle club, which was inspired by the television series Sons of Anarchy.

It started off as a Sons of Anarchy fan fiction novel she wrote and was stolen by someone online who stripped it of the television references and tried to pass it off as an original novel of their own.

The rip-off garnered some positive reviews, so Breadner decided to give motorcycle club fiction a try.

Reflecting on her early reluctance to put her works to the public, Breadner said that the best approach is to not pay too much credence to online reviews.

I write the books I like to write, so I’m happy with everything I’ve written ... They’re exactly the way I like them to be, which I think is the joy of self-publishing. Cara Breadner

For her, it’s all about fun, anyway -- producing something she’s proud of and which gets her voice and style onto paper.

“I write the books I like to write, so I’m happy with everything I’ve written,” she said. “They’re exactly the way I like them to be, which I think is the joy of self-publishing.”

Breadner’s books are not yet available at local stores, however, e-reader versions are available online at

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Cara Breadner books

Sin Eater: For six centuries the Sin Eater has roamed the earth, relieving humans of their sins so that the evil may linger to find new hosts before forgiveness can be granted and expel it for eternity.

Soul Stealer: There was one being that could manifest itself from spirit to living deity simply by consuming human souls.

Drawing Blood: Abigail Spencer is stranded in France following the German invasion. After losing her parents and all contact with her husband in the British Army, she is truly alone.

Indulge (Red Rebels): Buck is another new experience. Gertie is an entertaining contradiction. Buck knows he could be a danger to her, but his lifestyle might not be the biggest threat to the woman who is starting to mean more and more to him.

Expose (Red Rebels): Forging a new relationship, while protecting his club and town is a lot to take on, even for a bear of a man like Tank. And at this stage of Rose’s life, is she still willing to continue living out of her car trunk, or is it time to finally pick an address that’s entirely hers?

Organizations: British Army

Geographic location: France

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  • Jodi Dadey
    March 15, 2015 - 19:26

    Congratulations Cara! I am so proud of you. Best wishes for your continued are writing faster than I can read! I enjoy every moment I get to read your work.