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Tyler Clarke
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Unique testimonials are being told at the old-time tent ministries at Kinsmen Park every night at 7 p.m.

Something about Christianity just didn’t click with Jeff Noyse.

Although he was raised a Catholic, and even married his wife, Patti, in a Catholic church, he was never really an active participant in Christianity.

That was, until something inside him clicked with independent Baptist churches.

Flying in with Patti from Cleveland, Ohio, Noyse gave his testimonial at the latest in a weeklong series of old-time tent ministries at Kinsmen Park on Saturday.

A friend of Beulah Land Baptist Church pastor Dave Webster, Noyse said that he wanted to see the tent ministry first-hand, having heard Webster’s passionate praise for them.

Click HERE for a story on Dave Webster's testimonial. 

Sitting at a picnic table at Kinsmen Park prior to giving his testimony on Saturday, Noyse motioned with his hand to a small group of people who were walking into the large white tent, saying, “You see God’s hand on these people.”

Attending a church service is an important first step, he said -- one that it took him many years to take again, having found himself disillusioned by religion.

There was something about discrepancy between what his friends were like in Church on Sunday morning versus the balance of the week that didn’t sit very well with Noyse.

However, he held out hope that there was something about “this religion thing” that was beneficial.

Attending different churches of various denominations, he and his family eventually landed on independent Baptist churches -- nudged in that direction by a handful of seemingly random happenstance he credits as the Holy Spirit guiding them.

Among independent Baptist churches is one core message; “You must know Jesus as your lord and saviour to have any hope of ever getting into heaven.”

If anybody calls on Christ’s name to save them, he’ll save them. Jeff Noyse

While Noyse said that he “doesn’t mean to demean anybody’s faith,” all the other stuff some other churches tack onto this core message is simply “other junk” of lesser importance.

“If anybody calls on Christ’s name to save them, he’ll save them,” Noyse summarized, noting that this is not dependent on anything else.

Although the “core message” about Jesus is one that he’d heard hundreds of times previous, it wasn’t until he sat in an independent Baptist church that it finally hit him.

“It finally connected,” he relayed. “The Holy Spirit finally drew us to connect us to what was going on with this whole concept of everything that was going on.”

Although Noyes said that he was already “a pretty good guy” prior to connecting with the Holy Spirit, he said sharpened his resolve to improve the world around him and to live more honestly.

It’s because of what independent Baptist churches have done with his life that Noyes and his wife, Patti, flew into Prince Albert over the weekend to attend the tent ministry.

As he later relayed during his testimonial to those who gathered for Saturday’s ministry, it’s all about touching people who might not otherwise attend a church service.

“Someone who’s not sick doesn’t need a doctor,” he concluded.

Various other testimonials will be heard every night at Kinsmen Park’s old-time gospel tent meetings, which will take place every night at 7 p.m. until Sunday, Aug. 24.

A Ford Model A will be driving throughout Prince Albert with a sign inviting people to attend the meetings, which are open to anyone interested in popping by.

A youth group will also get together daily from 2:30 p.m. to 4 p.m., and an additional service will take place at 11 a.m. on Sunday. 

Organizations: Catholic church, Beulah Land Baptist Church, Prince Albert

Geographic location: Kinsmen Park, Cleveland, Ohio

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