Therapeutic oils offer alternative approach to healing

Matt Gardner
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Conventional medicine in all its forms generally seeks to heal individuals physically, mentally and emotionally.

Young Living Essential Oils silver executive Karen Cronk displays a wide range of therapeutic grade essential oils on Saturday at the Prince Albert Farmer’s Market.

Practitioners of alternative methods, however, often point to the importance of spiritual healing as well.

For Young Living Essential Oils silver executive Karen Cronk -- who could be seen sharing a range of therapeutic oils at the Prince Albert Farmer’s Market on Saturday – the appeal of her product lay in its effectiveness on all of these fronts.

“They’re not only for your physical healing,” Cronk said of the therapeutic oils from the Young Living company. “But they’re for emotional, spiritual and mental as well.”

“They’re from plants,” she added. “Plants are living. We are living. All living things have frequencies, and the frequencies of the plants are compatible with people. God made them that way.

“We know the frequencies from cellphones, microwaves and things like that mess us up, right? But plant frequencies resonate with our body.”

Cronk’s entry into the world of holistic healing originally began when she tried out some essential oils to improve her own health and wellness.

Impressed by their effectiveness, in 2010 she opened a whole shopping account with the Young Living company, which offers a wide range of therapeutic oils.

Part of the appeal for Cronk was the story of the company’s founder, D. Gary Young, who immigrated to Canada from the United States in his late teens with the intention of homesteading in British Columbia before a near-fatal logging accident at age 24 left him confined to a wheelchair.

In the face of resulting depression, Young began to experiment with essential oils after a year-long fast on lemonade and other juices led him to begin feeling movement in his toes.

Over time, he gradually progressed from a wheelchair to a walker to crutches and finally to walking unassisted once more.

Besides the inspiration provided by Young’s story, Cronk also pointed to the lack of side-effects in essential oils compared to more conventional forms of treatment.

“So many people are looking for alternative things that don’t have the bad side-effects,” Cronk said.

“You’ll never get a bad side-effect from the oils -- unless you drink the whole bottle, of course,” she added with a chuckle. “But if you go by directions, you’ll never get a bad side-effect.”

As an example, she favourably compared an essential oil known as Thieves -- touted as re-establishing proper immune function and eradicating fungus, mould, toxins, virus and yeast -- with antibiotics as offering a quicker recovery from the flu.

They’re not only for your physical healing, but they’re for emotional, spiritual and mental as well. Karen Cronk

Essential oils may be taken in numerous ways -- through the skin, by inhalation or ingesting them with food, drink or in capsule form. Cronk noted that one might treat headaches by rubbing some peppermint oil on one’s temple or the back of the neck.

Another product on display at her Farmer’s Market table was frankincense oil. Advertised as strengthening “vital life force energy,” balancing immune function and helping overcome stress and depression, Cronk made some significant arguments regarding its utility.

“Frankincense oil will make cancer cells commit suicide,” she claimed. “It is true. I have ladies taking it that have tumours and their tumours are shrinking.

“They’re doing other things too -- changing their diet and stuff -- but it is awesome.”

While such claims may be controversial, Cronk described the overall reception of people to essential oils as “very favourable,” in part due to the lack of side-effects.

“I just love sharing the oils with people and seeing the results that people get with them,” she said. “They get rid of some pain, get their back straightened out or get rid of headaches, or whatever the case might be.”

She pointed to a school that recently purchased the Peace and Calming oil for students with autism.

“They put Peace and Calming on the bottom of their feet and in a few minutes that child will settle down,” Cronk said.

A more comprehensive demonstration of Young Living Essential Oils by presenter Josh Deroest will take place at the Prince Albert Inn on Wednesday, Aug. 20 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

In the meantime, Cronk herself is likely to make return appearances at the P.A. Farmer’s Market in the future.

“I just started a couple weeks ago,” she noted. “And I’m thoroughly enjoying it.”

Additional information on essential oil products is available at

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