A bear encounter at Jessy's Garden

Tyler Clarke
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A black bear track is seen next to Bonny Sanderson’s footprint at Jessy’s Garden east of Prince Albert on Saturday. 

Putting her foot in the dirt next to a black bear track, Bonny Sanderson points out how big the animal was that she saw running toward her husband, Mel, on Saturday.

The track appeared as long as her footprint, though its indentation as much deeper, indicating a much heavier creature.

Earlier in the day, Bonny watched the bear who created the track run across the garden through a small swampy area in the direction of Mel.

Seeing the bear approaching, Mel threw his hands in the air and made loud noises, startling the bear enough for it to change direction away from him, though it still came within about 25 feet of him.

The Sanderson couple thought they’d have a relaxing life as farmers and artists, but they’ve had their fair share of adrenalin-pumping adventure.

Earlier this summer, a man fell asleep at the wheel, took out their mailbox and slammed his vehicle into the water-filled ditch in front of their home. Mel pulled the vehicle out with his tractor.

Although they had moose on their property last year, this is the first time the Sandersons have encountered a bear.

Aside from the bear scare, things at Jessy’s Garden have been coming along very well, with the duo expected to bring in a record crop to feed what Bonny hopes will be at least 6,000 people this year. 

Visit the Daily Herald website tomorrow for a story about Mel’s inventive wood pallet creations.

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