Habitat for Humanity site vandalized

Matt Gardner
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Metal fencing lies on the ground after being removed from a hole dug for a Habitat for Humanity build site on Wednesday. An act of vandalism left some sections of the fencing noticeably bent out of shape.

A construction site for a new Habitat for Humanity build in the west end of the city suffered an act of vandalism this week.

The vandalism targeted metal fencing that had been set up around the site.

“We had security fencing around the hole that we dug for a basement and somebody chose to take the security fence apart and severely damage a good portion of it,” Habitat for Humanity Prince Albert president Morris Sawchuk said.

Besides damaging the fencing, the vandals left much of it lying at the bottom of the hole.

As of late morning on Wednesday, the fencing had been removed and was lying on the ground beside the hole. At least one section of fencing was bent out of shape as a result of the damage it sustained.

While describing the incident as minor, Sawchuk said it still bothered members and supporters of Habitat for Humanity.

“We’re all volunteers doing this and (when) people vandalize things, I mean, it adds to our cost because … we rent that fencing and now the damaged fencing, we’re going to have to pay for,” he said.

Somebody chose to take the security fence apart and severely damage a good portion of it. Morris Sawchuk

“As someone who is trying to make a better community, we don’t feel good about it,” Sawchuk added. “We wish that people would understand we’re trying to help them and they should help us and not damage stuff -- because realistically, what happens is the more costs we have, the less we can build.”

He noted that steps will be taken in an effort to avoid repeat incidents, after which the organization will play it by ear.

“We’re going to try and make this fence a little more secure and hopefully make it more difficult for people to do what they’ve done,” Sawchuk said.

“Then if it continues, we’ll analyze what happens and make some decisions after that.”

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