Normal temperatures expected for summer months

Jodi Schellenberg
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Break out the T-shirt and shorts -- it’s going to be a pleasant summer.

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According to Elena Lappo, a meteorologist for the Weather Network, Prince Albert and area residents shouldn’t worry about too many fluctuating temperatures this summer.

“The good news is that we are finally starting to see some summer temperatures,” Lappo said. “With a very harsh winter and a very slow start to the spring behind us, we can look forward to some nice, warm summer days.”

Looking back at the spring months, temperatures in March and April were about five degrees below normal across the province. In May, the trend started to change and the temperature was only about a degree below seasonal. 

“We are expecting the trend now to continue into the summer months, where the temperatures might average out to be just slightly below seasonal but it is going to be only a degree or two below seasonal,” Lappo said.

In the Prince Albert region, the seasonal temperature is 21.8 C in June, rises to 24.3 C in July and cools a bit to 23.4 C in August.

“We can still expect some swings in temperature, so that means we could see some days that it is going to be very hot, nice summer days,” Lappo said. “Most of the days we are expecting to be about at seasonal or slightly below.

“We are not expecting it to be an overly hot summer in general, but there could definitely be a few stretches of weather for a few days or maybe up to a week you will experience some hot weather,” she added.

There might also be a few cooler days as well throughout the summer months, Lappo said.

“For most of the days, we are expecting the temperature to hover around seasonal or slightly below, so you could definitely see some stretches of weather where it might feel a little chillier than normal,” she said. “With normal temperatures in June, July and August being in the 20s, even below normal temperatures are still going to feel pleasant and nice.”

Whether or not it is lake weather depends on the individual, she said.

“For some people it is a mandatory 30 degrees to go to the beach,” Lappo said. “You might not get to many of those days but if you are OK to go to the beach when it is 20 degrees or above, then for sure.”

While temperatures are expected to be normal or slightly below, precipitation is expected to be normal or slightly above normal this season.

“In general, Prince Albert receives about 207 millimetres of rain over the months of June, July and August,” Lappo said. “Keep in mind that most of the precipitation in summer months is very convective -- it is very localized, short in duration, but could be heavy at times.

“In terms of storms, we are expecting it to be just the average number of storms,” she added. “Our weather guidance doesn’t show one way or another whether we are going to have more severity or less severity because we are expecting about normal precipitation, we would expect about the same amount of storms in the area as well.”

Although the last couple summers have been wet, with flooding in the area, Lappo believes unless there is a localized storm there should not be flooding problems due to precipitation.

“It is hard to say which areas get flooding or not because with summer convective precipitation, it could be very localized and some of the thundershowers,” she said. “It might only take one big thundershower to produce maybe 100 millimetres of rain and then that area in particular is going to be under flooding. We are not expecting it to be overall a large flooding scenario, but it will depend on area by area.”

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