Cookbooks will be brought to life on Sunday

Tyler Clarke
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Rev. Maurice Fiolleau, vicar general for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Prince Albert, is seen with the locally produced cookbooks that are raising money to pay for the Sacred Heart Cathedral’s almost $1 million renovation. 

The smells of delicious culinary treats will be wafting through the Sacred Heart Cathedral on Sunday afternoon.


From 3 p.m. to 5 p.m., the public is invited to visit the church, to see its almost $1 million renovation first-hand and to taste some of the meals featured in the congregation’s locally-produced fundraiser cookbook.

“You can see the newly-renovated cathedral, tour around, and go downstairs and sample stuff from the cookbooks,” vicar general Maurice Fiolleau summarized of the event, free of charge to anyone interested in showing up.

“It’s open to everybody -- open from the public, and we’d love for people to come all over P.A. to see the building.

“You don’t have to be Catholic -- anyone from the city is welcome to come!”

The two cookbooks have proven a hit, Fiolleau said, noting that of the 2,000 sets of books printed only about 500 remain yet to be sold.

Factoring in printing costs, the books have raised more than $11,000 toward the restoration of the 100-year-old Sacred Heart Cathedral.

“We’ve sold some for Mother’s Day, and now we’re hoping people buy them for graduation gifts, wedding gifts and bridal showers,” Fiolleau said.

Books will be available for sale at Sunday’s event, but he notes that the event’s true intent is to thank the public for supporting the massive undertaking that the cathedral’s renovation ended up becoming.

“People have been amazing in supporting us,” Fiolleau said. “The church has been here for 100 years and it’s a beautiful landmark and I think people are proud of it.”

You can see the newly-renovated cathedral, tour around, and go downstairs and sample stuff from the cookbooks Maurice Fiolleau

In addition to those who attend Sunday mass, the church has touched those who celebrated weddings and baptisms, as well as attended funerals.

Not only that, but Fiolleau notes that many people who haven’t actually stepped foot in the building have been impressed by its exterior beauty.

Sunday will be a unique chance for those who have never set foot in the building to find out that its exterior beauty is repeated inside, Fiolleau said.

Sacred Heart Cathedral rector Father Matthew Nguyen said that Sunday’s event is a fitting thank-you for those who supported the renovation -- a project whose cost over-runs resulted in a total cost of almost $1 million.

New carpets, stained glass window covers and a new paint job accompanied new steps, a new boiler system and various other odds and ends intended to extend the building’s life beyond its centennial.

“We appreciate very much the help of our parishioners and the benefactors and all of the people who have made donations,” Nguyen said. “We look forward to seeing them help us again with our lottery raffle tickets.”

Lottery raffle tickets will be $50 each and will be made available on June 7, with prizes of vehicles, a quad and $1,000 cash drawn on Sept. 28.

Although they’ve managed to raise about $700,000, they remain shy of their final goal of almost $1 million. 

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