Nurse practitioner finds job rewarding

Jodi Schellenberg
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There are many people who may not find their jobs interesting or rewarding, but Holly Young isn’t one of them.

Holly Young, a nurse practitioner from Prince Albert, enjoys her job and believes it is one of the most rewarding jobs there are.

Young is currently a nurse practitioner at a community clinic in the Prince Albert Parkland Health Region.

“When I was younger, I met lots of nurses and I thought it was a good profession,” Young said. “I think part of it is I really love helping people, learning new skills and working with people that have different medical problems.”

Young first started her career path as a nurse’s aid in 1986, moving on to a registered nurse in 1993 and finally a nurse practitioner in 2012.

“The reason I decided to take nurse practitioner was because I wanted to advance my knowledge and skills in nursing,” Young said.

A nurse practitioner is a registered nurse with additional education, who can independently diagnose, order and interpret diagnostic tests, prescribe medications and perform minor surgical procedures.

“As a nurse you get to deal with people with acute and chronic conditions, so you get to deal with people of all ages -- children through to elderly patients,” Young said. “My favourite thing about my job is assessing and diagnosing conditions and collaborating with other health-care members to provide care for them.”

Before she started at the clinic, Young worked in the hospital, mainly in acute care on a surgical ward.

“A community clinic is more looking at primary health care,” she explained. “It is looking at chronic conditions of patients that are usually stable and have stable conditions and collaborating with physicians or specialist in the clinic or pharmacists or dieticians.”

She said the role of nurse practitioner has given her more responsibilities regarding assessing patients, doing diagnostics and minor procedures.

“As a nurse practitioner, you are more responsible for medical treatment and then you are also a nurse, but you … have a responsibility for the medical side of the patient’s care,” she said.

Young is glad she decided to go into nursing all those years ago.

“I think nursing is a really rewarding career and I’ve always enjoyed what I’ve done as a nurse,” she said. “I’ve always enjoyed my career and been able to work in different areas.

“I’ve worked in acute care, primary care and in my role as a nurse practitioner, I work at both rural and urban and long-term care,” she added. “Every gamet of nursing profession, I’ve actually done it.”  

There are many different areas nurses can work in, Young said.

“I think nursing is very dynamic and there is lots of constant changing as far as what the scope and role is, so it is not a static type of job,” she said.

Not only do nurses provide medical care, they also help patients in other ways.

“I think nurses are very important as far as assessing patients and providing holistic care for patients in terms of not just the patient’s medical problems, but all the issues that affect their health,” young said. “You look at how they are socially impacted, emotionally impacted and not just looking at their physical issues and empowering patients to care for themselves -- so you do a lot of education as well.

“I think with nurses that is a role they have -- they tend to advocate for their patients to get them to care for themselves as well as to get appropriate care in the system.”

Since it is National Nurses Week, Young also had a message for her fellow nurses.

“I wish all my nursing colleagues a really happy nursing week, to enjoy their profession and make a difference in other people’s lives.”

Geographic location: Prince Albert Parkland Health Region

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