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Tyler Clarke
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Mayor Greg Dionne wants to see a greater bylaw department crackdown on the city’s portable signs. 

Cautioning that Prince Albert might become a jumbled mess of advertising signs, Mayor Greg Dionne wants to see greater control of the city’s portable signs.


“Otherwise you just have a garbage city -- you have signs everywhere,” he explained after Monday’s city council meeting, during which council awarded first reading of a portable sign amendment bylaw.

Within the amendment are a number of changes intended to crack down on the locations in which portable signs are allowed.

Further to the bylaw, Dionne wants to see greater bylaw department enforcement.

“If you think your sign is illegal, it probably is and you should come to city hall to get a permit before we knock on your door,” he concluded.

Permits are $15 per month or $150 for the year.

Although Dionne notes that he wants to see more business owners purchase permits, he doesn’t want to see them penalized for having done so.

“You get a permit, you’re the one being checked,” Dionne said. “The guy who doesn’t get a permit, he’s not getting checked because -- I don’t want to use the word ‘lazy,’ but I’ve got to think of another word that replaces ‘lazy.’”

This is where greater enforcement is needed, with the city’s director of planning and development Rick Stuckenberg noting that those who post signs can currently receive a fine of $100 per day.

Although the city’s elected officials granted first reading to a portable sign bylaw amendment, greater public consultation needs to take place before it reaches third reading.

“What we really want to have, is we want to have a portable sign bylaw that’s going to address as many issues as we can and get things cleaned up,” Coun. Martin Ring said, encouraging a thorough public consultation process.

“If we’ve got all of these signs out there with permits, we’ve got contact names, we’ve got numbers, we’ve got addresses and we should be able to put out a fair invite.”

“It is a sore point in our community and we have to deal with it,” Dionne said. “What I suggest we do … is how we solved our problem with handicapped parking. We took our fine from $25 to $300 … and I haven’t heard a complaint about somebody parking in handicapped parking.

“I think what we have to do is put some teeth into this.”

The city should be seizing signs as a third strike, Dionne encouraged.

“I’ll bet you, if we drove street by street, we would find 60 to 70 illegal signs, and that’s my issue,” he said.

“It’s not a small issue, and someday we’ve got to decide as a council, enough is enough. We’ve got to get very aggressive, and sorry you spent $15,000 on a sign -- it’s coming down until you go through the process.”

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Recent comments

  • Micheal
    April 30, 2014 - 10:58

    Hey Dionne, your a maire not a dictator. Relax a bit with your sign campaign. You sure happy to have people put sign about you during election time. Should we charge them all 100$ a day as an illegal thing to do since im pretty sure they dont have a PERMIT. Like cmon relax.