Multiple churches gather together for Good Friday

Jodi Schellenberg
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Since they are all celebrating the same thing, Christians around Prince Albert gathered together as one to celebrate Good Friday.

Gregg Rustulka leads the singing at the multi-denominational Good Friday service held at the Crossroads Pentecostal Church in Prince Albert.

A multi-denominational church service was held on Friday morning at the Crossroads Pentecostal Church in the city, to celebrate the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus.

“I think it really went in the way God wanted it to go,” said Gregg Rustulka, pastor of the Open Door Community Church of the Nazarene. “I think he was blessed and glorified and that was our desire.”

He said having all the different people enjoying the service helped make the presence of God that much stronger.

“It was so neat to sense how God was touching our hearts and helping us remember what he did for us giving his son and now we have that opportunity to celebrate all he has done,” Rustulka said. “Now we wait for Sunday because Sunday is coming and the resurrection is here.”

There were about 11 different churches at the celebration, which saw the church open the sliding doors to extra seating in the back of the church, although the crowd was a little less than last year performer Rey Idmilao said.

“I pray that this congregation would come every year with more power that more churches will be involved,” Idmilao said. “I do believe there should be more people coming today -- last year it was packed full and there were some people standing at the back last year.”

Idmilao sang the special number Via Delarosa about the suffering of Christ and dying for the sins of his people.

Even though the crowd gathered may have been less than last year, everyone was impressed with the turnout.

“It is awesome -- I have so many friends in so many different churches and it is awesome to see what the power of God does when he brings us all together,” said Audrey Harvey, who said Crossroads is her regular church.

The turnout made those present feel more connected to others is the community, Rustulka said.

“It is amazing, when people gather together it is like we just belong to a big family – we’re just one big old family,” he said. “For Christians it is like that. When you love God, you just have this sense and feeling that you are part of a bigger family than you can imagine.”

Not only were there multiple churches in attendance, pastors from many different churches read scripture as part of the service.

“I really appreciated all the ministers who attended the service today,” Idmilao said. “It was really a great time where Christians gathered together celebrating the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.”

In addition, musicians and performers from multiple churches lead the congregation in song.

“It was great singing with different artists from different churches and how I wish we could do more of this stuff,” Idmilao said. “Not only during holy week but maybe every quarter or something like that where talented people would gather together and express their praises and adoration to the lord.”

Chaplain Thomas Harris, who was the main speaker, spreading the message of Good Friday with the flock, agreed that more events such as this one need to happen.

“This is what is needed in the community,” Harris said. “We need to come together as one -- we serve one God and we may have our differences but this is what the community needs is to see the churches coming together for one common cause.”

Harris said he is passionate about the gospel because he experienced a life-changing event. He was a pastor for 27 years and is now a chaplain.

Rustulka said he hoped the event will continue in the future.

“I am trusting it is something that is going to happen for a long time,” he said. “It becomes one of those major events and not just for the church.”

He said their were many different community representative at the service, including Mayor Greg Dionne and other council members.

“There was every profession you can possibly think of but you know the reality is we all have one thing in common and that is Jesus,” Rustulka said. “We just came to celebrate him.”

Since they hope to continue the event in the future, Rustulka encouraged others to join next year.

“Come join us and be a part of the big thing that God is causing us to be, to join and celebrate … because we are the church of Jesus Christ in the city and every one of us belongs to it.”

Organizations: Crossroads Pentecostal Church, Open Door Community Church of the Nazarene

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