Irish band to play at Rawlinson Centre

Jodi Schellenberg
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It will be a night full of Irish music and humour.

Caladh Nua, a traditional Irish band, will be playing at the E.A. Rawlinson Centre on Thursday. Tickets are available at the Rawlinson box office.

The Irish band Caladh Nua will be playing at the E.A. Rawlinson Centre on Thursday at 7:30 p.m. Tickets for the concert are available at the Rawlinson box office.

Although this is not the band’s first time in Canada, it will be the first time they perform in Saskatchewan, band member Eoin O’Meachair said.

“We’ve never been there before so we are looking forward to playing there in the concert,” O’Meachair said.

The show is part of a North American tour the band started on Feb. 28 in the States.

“We went across the States … ended up in California on St. Patrick’s Day and after that we flew up to Edmonton and we are into the fourth gig in the Canada side of tour,” O’Meachair said. “Our final gig is in Vancouver on April 2. We fly back home to Ireland on the following day.”

Even though they are an Irish band and all the members are from Ireland, O’Meachair said they don’t play a lot of concerts in their home country. Most are in other European countries and North America.

The band plays mostly traditional Irish music, with a couple newer pieces.

“One particular song is a song called “Farewell to You” was written by (the) brother of our lead singer,” O’Meachair said. “He wrote that about five years ago when he was touring and playing Irish music on St. Patrick’s Day in 2008 in Africa. That is one of the new songs we do. It has a traditional feel to it but there is a contemporary side to it as well.”

They also play a piece composed by their lead guitarist, O’Meachair said.

Since there are Irish immigrants all over the world, most places seem to love traditional Irish music.

“I suppose the main reason behind it is it is primarily a dance music and it is a lively music,” O’Meachair said.

“There are so many Irish musicians over the last couple hundred years, who have immigrated from Ireland to all around the world -- Canada, the U.S., Europe and Australia,” he added. “They brought the music with them. It is such party music and it catches on everywhere. Because so many Irish people have gone to so many destinations around the world, it spread like this.”

Since it is folk music, it resonates with most people, regardless where they are from.

“(It) can carry so much emotion from happiness and anger, you name the emotion, it can be played in Irish music,” O’Meachair said. “That is probably one of the main reasons (it is popular).”

Caladh Nua have been together for about four years, O’Meachair said.

“We are all living within a 100-kilometre radius of each other back home in the southeast of Ireland,” O’Meachair said. “We kind of all met up together just by travelling around to various folk sessions and festivals.

“We bumped into each other there and got to know each other and got playing with each other and decided we wanted to put something more concrete together,” he added.

They all had similar goals in mind when starting the band, he said.

“I suppose I can speak for myself and I can probably speak for the rest of the guys that we all had plans in our own heads and have a band that travelled until we are in senior places,” O’Meachair said. “It was convenient when we all met each other and we kind of thinking along the same lines. It made the whole process of getting the band together that much quicker and easier.”

The band put their last album out in 2011, but are planning to put out another soon.

“We started work last year,” O’Meachair said. “We have about three or four tracks together. When we go back home next month, we are going to give ourselves a week’s rest at least, but we are going back into the studio to finish the third album.”

They are hoping to finish recording by January and have the album released in the summertime next year.

“There is a bit of a gap between our second and third as compared to our first and second, but I think that is probably the nature of when you get on tour,” O’Meachair said. “We have been travelling around quite a bit. We get new ideas on the road and stuff like that so we are taking a little bit more time for this tour than we have on the previous two.”

O’Meachair said people should come out to their concert because it will be a great time.

“We like to have fun with the audience and crack jokes and get the audience involved in what we are doing on stage,” he said. “There is one particular song we do and it is of the Irish language and it is a really old song. There is one line that is sung at the end of each chorus and we teach the audience how to sing that song.”

They also have a wide range of songs, slow and fast, and have both solo and group performances.

“There is a little bit a of Irish humour in it,” O’Meachair said. “It is a good form of entertainment. We are certainly looking forward to the concert and having a great time touring around Canada.

“We are having great fun and we are just really enjoying this.”

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