SPCA opening one month away

Tyler Clarke
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About a month away from their move-in date, the finishing touches are currently being put on the Prince Albert SPCA’s new facility on North Industrial Drive.

During a media walkthrough of the 12,000 square-foot complex, which dwarfs their current 3,500 square foot building on Exhibition Drive, crews were seen capping off the construction process.

Painter’s tape lined various walls, ceiling tiles were being installed and durable vinyl flooring was being laid.

The main contractor -- Miller Contracting -- and the various sub-contractors have been amazing to work with every step of the way, SPCA board member Bill Hryciuk said after the media tour.

“There are probably about 15 (subcontractors) who gave us in-kind donations, and that has helped a lot,” he said.

Contractors were hired locally -- most notably Miller contracting -- with board members concluding that the “buy local” ideology is “good for everybody.”

Dollars donated locally have stayed local.

Walking media through the expansive building, Carol Samuels pointed out various inclusions that put the new facility miles beyond the one that staff and pets are moving out of.

Various homelike cat and kitten environments, an expansive outdoor run for dogs and puppies and countless interesting aspects fill out the building.

But, it’s what is hidden under the ceiling tiles that has Hryciuk the most excited about.

Both the building’s air quality and fire prevention measures have gone well beyond code, he said, noting that the air system exchanges air six times an hour, “which is quite high, but it keeps the smell down.”

Samuels noted that the areas that house sick animals or ones who have yet to be looked over by a veterinarian are under a different air exchange system than the balance the building -- a means of keeping down the potential for contamination.

The current Prince Albert SPCA building is without an air exchange system, which has put felines at risk of developing upper respiratory problems during the winter months when windows can’t be left open.

Throughout the new building is a sprinkler system ready to douse any fire that starts up.

“It’s a single storey building so it’s not required by code, but because of the animals and only two or three staff (and its location) north of town, it was one extra expense we took on from a safety standpoint, and I just felt more comfortable with it,” Hryciuk explained.

Other important components to the new building are its small pet supply store area and its cremation furnace -- two revenue-generating ventures.

Next-door is the Paw Print Inn Boarding Kennel -- another revenue generating opportunity that will help make the organization less dependent on donations and fundraising, Samuels said.

After a long fundraising process to build the new SPCA headquarters, donations have pretty well plateaued, she said -- something they anticipated at this age of the game.

With people maintaining such a high level of generosity for so long, “It’s slowed down, and we knew it would,” she said. “We do have a mortgage in place so we’re able to finish things off.”

Donations are still coming in -- albeit at a slower rate than before -- in an effort to pare down the debt they’ve gone into in order to move into the new building on schedule.

For more information on upcoming fundraisers or to donate to the Prince Albert SPCA, visit their website, online at www.princelabertspca.com.

Organizations: Paw Print Inn Boarding Kennel

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