PAFD and Giant Tiger donate to YWCA Our House

Jodi Schellenberg
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Many of the less fortunate in the city will have more help staying warm this winter.

The Prince Albert Fire Department along with Giant Tiger donated $3,000 worth of warm clothes, including jackets, toques, ski pants and other winter clothing, to YWCA Our House in the city.

The Prince Albert Fire Department (PAFD) and Giant Tiger teamed up this Christmas season to donate $3,000 of winter clothing to YWCA Our House on Wednesday.

“The Fire Department and Giant Tiger teamed up and they gave us a really large donation of jackets and ski pants and toques and we are going to be able to distribute them throughout our organization both here at Our House and Central Avenue, as well as give them to people on the street who need them,” YWCA CEO Donna Brooks said.

It all started when Giant Tiger approached the fire department and mentioned they needed to use $2,000 of gift cards before the end of the year, PAFD’s charity committee member Adam Dziadyk said.

“I talked with Kim and Lauren of Giant Tiger and we came up with the idea of donating these winter jackets and winter clothing to Our House,” Dziadyk said. “Our House is the next door neighbour to the Fire Hall so we see people walking in and out of there quite often and they are not always dressed properly for winter.”

There are many dangers associated with exposure to cold, Dziadyk said.

“Frostbite can happen in minutes in certain temperatures we get in Prince Albert so we thought of that idea,” Dziadyk said. “I talked to Edna here at Our House and she said she is always welcoming more clothes.”

When PAFD told Giant Tiger about their idea, they jumped on board immediately.

“We thought it would be appropriate to donate winter clothing that is of the season,” fashion manager Amanda Larsen said. “It was more of the firemen’s idea but we like to help out the community any which way we can.”

Between the two, they were able to donate about 300 winter jackets and assorted other winter clothing.

“It is definitely going to mean a lot to them and it means a lot to us to help out in any which way we can,” Larsen said.

The clothing means a lot to both the workers at YWCA and the patrons.

“I think it will mean quite a bit -- this morning already they are pretty excited,” Dziadyk said. “I don’t know if many of them knew about it ahead of time but once we let them know this morning that they are getting these jackets they are definitely pretty happy about it.”

“Anybody who comes in here and needs a winter jacket, we will be able to give them, that’s what it means to us,” Brooks said. “Over the course of a winter, probably hundreds (need jackets) for sure. It means a lot for us because that way we are able to provide clothing for people.

“Anytime the community donates or gives to us, it’s a huge help,” she added. “That way we have the stuff to give.”

The winter clothing will be spread between both YWCA locations in the city, with more children’s clothing being sent to the Central Avenue location and the majority of the adult clothing staying at Our House.

“There is stuff for all ages so what we will do is take the stuff for the kids up to Central Avenue because we have women, children and youth up there,” Brooks said. “The majority (of the adult jackets) we will leave down here for the men and women and any people on the street who need it.”

Organizations: Prince Albert Fire Department, Our House, Giant Tiger

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