Anti-abortion group speaks out at Prince Albert Exhibition

Kevin Hampson
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 Yvette Lavoie and Yvonne April, of the Prince Albert Right to Life Association, were at the Exhibition trade show on Thursday. Herald photo by Kevin Hampson.

Acrobats and animals performed on the Exhibition grounds Thursday, but visitors may have found a sobering message inside the Armoury building.

The Prince Albert Right to Life Association was one of many vendors and groups at the Summer Fair Trade Show, hosted by the Optimist Club.

Yvette Lavoie and Yvonne April sat quietly behind their table, which included life-sized models showing fetal development through the stages of pregnancy.

“It’s an awareness campaign on the preciousness of human life, from conception until death,” co-president Val Hettrick said over the phone.

There is a perception that an unborn baby is sub-human, or worthless, Lavoie and April said. They want to challenge that.

An unborn baby is a human life, and the mother has a responsibility to care for it, April said.

“Too many people take it for granted that if something’s in the way, you can just get rid of it.”

“They don’t want to take responsibility for the situation that they got themselves into in the first place,” she added.

The display included pamphlets encouraging modesty, chastity and foster parenting -- a much better alternative to abortion, Hettrick said.

The association is also part of the Jubilation Program, which provides support to pregnant girls and their families. What these young women need most is simply someone who will listen to them and care for them, Hettrick added.

“Yes, it’s easy to counsel a young girl to have an abortion. It’s also easy to feed her contraceptives up to her eyeballs. But if we really care about that girl, we’ll spend the time with her.”

“They need to understand that they have dignity and worth. They aren’t objects. They aren’t somebody’s toy. They’re worth something,” Hettrick said.

It’s easy to counsel a young girl to have an abortion ... But if we really care about that girl, we’ll spend the time with her Val Hettrick, co-president, P.A. Right to Life Association

The association also tries to counter the influence of pornography, which has entered mainstream culture through the Internet.

Studies suggest that children, on average, first view porn at the age of 11. This is causing terrible damage, Hettrick said.

“The reason porn is such a destructive thing is that it takes away that natural latency period, where kids are supposed to have the time to grow up.

“Plus it plants the idea that women are to be used as objects.”

The result, Hettrick said, is that children are taught that it’s normal to be promiscuous and girls have little sense of their own worth.

Hettrick said that Jubilation counsellors also make sure that girls who are considering abortion know what they are getting themselves into.

“We’re talking about an operation that literally rips the baby out of the womb,” she said. “They have no idea.”

“(And) they often don’t realize it’s a baby, because they’re told it’s not one. They’re 15. They believe what the doctors tell them.”

Pro-abortionists often scoff at the suggestion that a pregnant woman is carrying a baby, saying that it is merely a fetus or a blob of cells. To that, Hettrick replies:

“If that ‘clump of cells’ growing in the mother is not a baby, then what is it? It’s not a tumor.”

By the time most mothers decide to get an abortion, their baby (or fetus) already has a heartbeat, Hettrick said.

According to, a website for soon-to-be parents, “You may be able to hear -- and see -- your baby’s heartbeat for the first time when you’re about eight weeks pregnant if you have an early ultrasound.”

Organizations: Life Association, Optimist Club

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Recent comments

  • B. Annock
    August 06, 2013 - 13:05

    Messed up and sick? Here is what is messed up and sick...women who have sex and murder their babies. Messed up and sick is believing that a FETUS is not a BABY!!! Messed up and sick...are people who use fancy pants terminologies describing abortion when in fact they are describing MURDERING BABIES!!! I just dont know "any" other way to put it!!! Prince Albert Right To Life...we need people like you to speak up!!

  • Carla Clark
    August 03, 2013 - 05:05

    Um, women are told that a fetus is not a baby, because it's the TRUTH. Baby is a SLANG term for a neonate. I suggest Prince Albert Right to Life look that term up. Women are not counseled to have an abortion. They are counseled as to whether or NOT they are being *coerced* into terminating. CPCs never counsel any woman as to whether she is being coerced into continuing pregnancy. Nor does any other Right to 'Life' organization. In fact, they ARE the ones coercing young women into giving birth. Mr. Co-President, with your opposition to contraceptives (after all, it is a method to *reduce* the number of abortions), this is exactly what you exposed your movement to be: a movement to punish young women for *daring* to have sex for reasons other than procreation. I am sorry, but that is just messed up and sick. I just don't know *any* other way to put it.