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Keely Dakin
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Lorna Boryski, owner of Aurora Fashion Agency and manager of Jolica, is a local nominee for the MOMPreneur Award of Excellence 2013.

Lorna Boryski, owner of Aurora Fashion Agency and manager of Jolica, is a local nominee for the MOMPreneur Award of Excellence 2013. Now she is hoping to qualify for the final round of nominations.

Now she is hoping to qualify for the final round of nominations.

While her own son is now fully grown, she has been working as an entrepreneur for a dozen years and juggled the tightrope of running her own business, raising a child, having a husband and, recently, becoming a grandmother as well.

“Part of this entrepreneurial, or MomPrenueral thing, is … my mandate is to help other women and people, in business and out of business,” she said.

“Whatever way we can reach people or help people, that’s what we need to do,” she said.

Promoting affordable, fair trade fashion for all types and styles has become Boryski’s way.

Being an entrepreneur began 12 years ago while she was still working in a bank as she had for 19 years. She began to do direct sales for one company and has now progressed to be one of six managers with Jolica.

Jolica is a Canadian company, out of Ontario, that sells fair trade jewelry, handbags scarves and other accessories through home parties and direct sales.

Direct sales mean there is no storefront but instead products are sold directly to individuals or through social gatherings.

All of Jolica’s items are sourced either within Canada or in one of six countries where they are handmade and traded for at a fair wage to the crafters. Currently those countries are Chile, Peru, India, Indonesia, Nepal and Thailand.

Jolica is part of the Fair Trade Federation, which works to promote fair trade companies in North America and to expand the ideals of fair trade.

Fair Trade is a business a model based on the idea that all people around the world deserve to be paid fairly for their creations and their work. Fair Trade companies aim to respect the creators of whatever products they buy from people in poor or marginalized countries and then sell to people in wealthier countries.

Through Aurora Fashion Agency, she teaches workshops about staying stylish and being thrifty as well as how to flatter whatever body you happen to have.

She does a selection of seminars structured to teach wardrobe and body confidence without spending piles of money on new clothes.

One of her most well received workshops takes her into a woman’s home, where she opens the lady’s closet and picks through it showing her client what colours and styles flatter her and which really do not do her any favours.

“That’s what I call closet wrecks,” Boryski said.

While the workshops are not free, costing  $500 for a half day seminar and $750 for a full day for a group of about six, she says that the knowledge and tips she imparts have the potential to save her client a great deal of money.

“Through the years, lots and lots of money,” she said.

Many women spend anywhere between $100 and $500 twice a year, with the change of the seasons as they attempt to keep current, Boryski said.

She says that can be done much more economically if women understand that they can split up the outfits they already have.

This skirt and that shirt, they don’t have to go together all the time, she said.

“It opens up tremendous things … especially for someone who has always tried to hide behind their clothing,” Boryski said.

“When you look in the closet in the morning and you have a closet full of clothes and you think to yourself, ‘I have nothing to wear today.’  Like, that should never be something that even goes through our head, because we do have lots and lots to wear in there.”

One strategy is to simply reorganize a client’s closets to mix and match things so that outfits are not stored in pairs but in a way that lets their wearer see a larger stream of options.

“It’s a process of learning how to do that as opposed to thinking all that has to go together,” Boryski said.

Body Type Dressing is one of her favourite seminars.

“We do measuring to determine what your actual body shape is and then emphasize the parts that are good about you, rather than the parts that you dislike,” she said.

“Just by putting emphasize on the parts of your body that you like … you feel so much better about yourself,” she said.

“Through history the most beautiful people, the Cleopatras and the Marilyn Monroes, didn’t necessarily have perfect bodies, but what they did do and the more natural beauty is symmetry, “Boryski said.

It is that balance between your left and your right and your top and your bottom.

“If people have perfect symmetry, than they’re easier to look at and this is a scientific study that they do … it’s not something I came up with,” Boryski said.

“So the more you can make your body look symmetric … the more appealing your appearance will be to other people,” she said.

“It opens up tremendous things … especially for someone who has always tried to hide behind their clothing,” Boryski said.

“I think that it really helps them with confidence, to go out. Just to go shopping. You hold yourself differently, you walk differently. Job wise, if you’re dressing with confidence and you’re holding yourself better, doors open for you. I mean it’s just automatic that when you look better and when you feel better people are attracted to you.”

Not to mention the possibilities for dating, she added.

“My mandate is so much in helping people,” she said.

Until Jan. 31, anyone who wishes to can vote to get Boryski beyond the initial nomination and into the final 10 who will then be chosen among by a selection of judges.

The prize is $30,000 in seminars and workshops that Boryski says she would like to bring back to the community for the Prince Albert Women Networkers (PAWN).

As the original founder for PAWN, she has found the group to be a great place to learn with other business-minded women.

To vote go to MOMPreneur Award of Excellence 2013 and type in the name of your favourite nominee.

To see more about Aurora Fashion Agency go to


Organizations: Fair Trade Federation, Aurora Fashion Agency

Geographic location: Ontario, Canada, Chile Peru India Indonesia Nepal Thailand North America

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  • Amelia Barney
    February 12, 2013 - 18:17

    Lorna Boryski sounds like my kind of lady. We women come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and to help find the best look for these women is a great thing that can be passed on from woman to woman.

  • Amy Everpean
    December 13, 2012 - 13:10

    This lady sounds amazing, people can always use the help and reminder of how to dress fashionably while looking nice. Does she give tips on dressing children? I have a christening coming up and i can't decide what to put my young boy in for his boy christening outfit? I could use some help!