Magicians to show off new tricks at upcoming public show

Matt Gardner
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Local magicians Roger Boucher and Anna B. will be performing at Par Place on Friday, May 30 and Saturday, May 31 at 7:30 p.m. Advance tickets cost $20 and are available at Canadian Tire.

A pair of local magicians are getting ready for their first public performance in Prince Albert since 2011.

Roger Boucher and his wife Adreanna, who is known professionally as Anna B., will show off their arsenal of new tricks at the end of the month with two evening shows just outside the city.

“It’s the first public show that we’ve done in three years, because I do … shows continuously in Prince Albert, it’s just they’re usually private events,” Boucher said.

“Someone’ll hire for me for a corporate event -- they’re having a corporate Christmas party or just a private family function or whatever it happens to be. So I haven’t not performed, it’s just more like I’ve not done a public show like this in a while.”

The public performance, entitled “A Little Magic,” will take place on Friday, May 30 and Saturday May 31 at Par Place, with the Bouchers set to take the stage at 7:30 p.m.

The decision to offer their first public show in the Prince Albert area in three years arose as a result of strong demand, Boucher said.

“It was just one of those things where people have been asking and it’s something that we enjoy doing,” he noted. “So it’s not like we haven’t done it because we didn’t want to, it was just more like when the time was right and the time happened to be correct.”

In the three years since their last public P.A. performance, the duo have learned a variety of new tricks and routines. While the show primarily features different varieties of magic, there are also card tricks and a pair of escape routines.

Much of the show will be new for local audiences.

“We’re doing one illusion in the show that’s at the very end -- I won’t give (away) too much, (but) it’s one of the fastest illusions in magic,” Boucher teased.

“We’re also doing straitjacket escapes … It’s kind of a duel of the jackets to see who gets out fastest between Adreanna and myself.”

It’s the first public show (in Prince Albert) that we’ve done in three years. Roger Boucher

Throughout their careers in magic, the Bouchers have performed shows for both children and adults.

As was the case with a recent performance in Saskatoon, however, their upcoming shows at Par Place primarily target an adult audience.

“In Saskatoon we did have some younger kids there, like six and under,” Boucher said. “And with the routines, like the needle swallowing routine that we’re doing, it’s kind of more for at least 10 and over, I believe.

“That way … kids don’t go home and try it. They kind of understand that what I’m doing is not to be tried at home.”

Another element of the cabaret-style show its target audience will likely appreciate is the presence of a bar, which will be run by the Prince Albert Sharks swim club. Snacks will also be available for purchase.

Tickets for A Little Magic cost $20 in advance and are on sale now at the Canadian Tire service desk.

While tickets will be available at the door for $25, those interested in attending would be wise to purchase tickets in advance, if the sold-out Saskatoon performance is any indication.

“Keep in mind that three years ago when we performed in P.A., our show sold out and there were 280 seats available,” Boucher said.

“This time, per night, there’s only 125 … If everyone shows up from the last show, there won’t be any tickets available. So get your tickets early.”

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