Please find below a full listing of the school supply requirements for Prince Albert and surrounding area.  Just click on the name of the school, and grade level if available.



If your school does not appear here, please email us, and we will do our best to supply it.



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Prince Albert Catholic School Division


École Holy Cross

École St. Anne

Lucy Baker

Rivier Academy Grades 7 - 9

Rivier Academy Grades 10-12

St. Francis

St. John

St. Mary

St. Michael

WFA Turgeon



Saskatchewan Rivers Public School Division

Arthur Pechey

Birch Hills Kindergarten to 6

Birch Hills Division 3

Birch Hills Division 4

Big River Grades 7, 8, 9

Big River Grades 10, 11, 12


Christopher Lake School Kindergarten

Christopher Lake School Grade 1

Christopher Lake School Grade 2

Christopher Lake School Grade 3

Christopher Lake School Grade 4/5

Christopher Lake School Grade 5/6

Christopher Lake School Grade 7/8


East Central

École Vickers English

École Vickers French

John Diefenbaker

King George

Kinistino Kindergarten to 6

Kinistino Grades 7 - 12

Meath Park Kindergarten

Meath Park Grades 1 to 6

Meath Park Grades 7 to 12



Princess Margaret

Queen Mary

Riverside Public School

Red Wing School

Shellbrook Kindergarten

Shellbrook Grade 1

Shellbrook Grade 2

Shellbrook Grade 3

Shellbrook Grade 4/5

Spruce Home

St. Louis

T.D. Michel

Vincent Massey


West Central Kindergarten

West Central Grades 1 to 2

West Central Grades 3 to 4

West Central Grade 5

West Central Grade 6

West Central Grades 7 to 8


Wild Rose Grade 1

Wild Rose Grade 2

Wild Rose Grades 3 to 4

Wild Rose Grades 5 to 6

Wild Rose Grades 7 to 8

W.J. Berezowsky

W.P. Sandin Grade 6/7 Kasner

W.P. Sandin Grade 6 Holz

W.P. Sandin Grade 7 Martell

W.P. Sandin Grade 8 Reddekopp