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Tyler Clarke
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During their journeys down the campaign trail, all 18 candidates vying for city council seats have been spreading their unique ideas throughout the community. 

City Hall

During their journeys down the campaign trail, all 18 candidates vying for city council seats have been spreading their unique ideas throughout the community.

Their views for the future, disagreements with others candidates’ policies and musing on various issues have sparked discussion and debate over which candidate would best serve the seven wards up for grabs.

The following are some of the many things candidates have said over the past few months, either directly to the Daily Herald or during Thursday’s councillors’ forum, that stick out.



“(West flat area) businesses all get broken into on a regular basis. I need to see a police presence more frequently, having them to secure the area before we have any development.” — Ward 1 candidate Jim Tsannie Sr.

“I go (downtown) a lot. I see people, who are doing their own things … but nobody’s out to bug people or try to hurt people. It’s just this perception, this old perception out there.” — Ward 2 candidate Colleen Whitedeer

“My main goal is to have more police presence, just to have them going through the neighbourhood more often.” — Ward 5 candidate Tim Scharkowski

“I’ve seen other places where the police communicate — actually create a relationship with people … Kids will feel safer and less intimidated by police.” — Ward 1 candidate Jim Tsannie Sr.

“I’ve found concerns about the security of Prime Ministers Park after hours. There seems to be a lot of late-night antics.” — Ward 6 candidate Jay Yeo

“I’m a strong supporter of developing a curfew for kids, at the same time starting to work with parents … to find out why these kids are out at all hours.” — Ward 1 candidate Jim Tsannie Sr.


Issues north of the river

“Most of the residents on the north side of the river don’t get the services that they feel as value for their tax dollars.” — Ward 2 candidate Chad Mogg

“There’s a tremendous amount of speeders on Riverside Drive, and they’d really like to have more policing there.” — Ward 2 candidate Rick Orr

“There’s not enough people going in there to clear the roads.” — Ward 2 candidate Colleen Whitedeer

“Some of the streets aren’t paved. If you look around … it’s not the most beautiful place in our city. I think there’s a lot the city can do about that.” — Ward 2 candidate Joel Thiessen



“We have to look at our streets and put money aside to make sure that we maintain our streets, but at the same time put money away to plan for future development.” — Ward 6 incumbent Martin Ring

“In a lot of the older areas of the city, we have lead service connections. We’ve come out with a program to rebate up to $2,000 for homeowners to take this initiative … Maybe look at doing a city block, where they’re doing it collectively … Rather than an individual jump through the hoops to do it.” — Ward 3 incumbent Lee Atkinson

“We definitely need to continue having infrastructure at the forefront of our talks with the provincial and the federal government.” — Ward 6 incumbent Martin Ring

“We need to continue our investment in infrastructure, whether that be the landfill, the roads, the water sewage treatment plant, those are the basic levels of services that we need to continue to invest in.” — Ward 8 incumbent Ted Zurakowski


Abandoned houses/lots

“Whoever owns those houses should be held accountable and actually do something. They should show a report to council that show’s they’re making every effort to change or do something — a plan.” — Ward 1 candidate Jim Tsannie Sr.

“I know Prince Albert’s still growing, and I know there’s still a lot of room within Prince Albert to grow.” — Ward 3 candidate Conrad Burns

“This council has pursued an area of higher taxation for empty lots. I’m of the belief that we should pursue an area of tax incentives to get people to build on those empty lots, to produce housing that is sorely needed in our city for affordable housing.” — Ward 3 incumbent Lee Atkinson

“This issue will only be resolved with the co-operation of city police, bylaw officers, City Hall, city council and the citizens of Ward 1. These abandoned homes are a safety issue, a health concern and an eyesore. “ — Ward 1 incumbent Charlene Miller


Restoring downtown

“We have to have more street fairs. We have to make it a happening place. We need skating rinks like they have in downtown Saskatoon on the riverbank. The riverbank is underutilized. It’s a phenomenal resource and it’s sitting there unused.” — Ward 2 candidate Rick Orr

“We are continuing to review that policy with regard to development along the riverbank. There are provincial dollars for the City of Prince Albert.” — Ward 6 incumbent Martin Ring

“We need to get a bigger police presence downtown and start cleaning up … We’ve got to get more options for them.” — Ward 2 candidate Chad Mogg

“There is the perception that it is unsafe. It doesn’t mean it is, but often people have that perception.” — Ward 2 candidate Peggi-Lynn Gatin

“I feel that if we could give incentives to the building owners and businesses downtown to beautify their buildings, I believe that more and more people would want to go downtown.” — Ward 2 candidate Chad Mogg


Development and jobs

“We need to expand our economy, and it needs to be more than retail.” — Ward 6 incumbent Martin Ring

“There’s so much untapped potential in P.A. that if it’s handled properly, things will go very well.” — Ward 4 candidate Darwin Zurakowski

“When you have industry, you have better taxation. I know when we had the pulp mill going here, that was a good source of the tax base.” — Ward 4 candidate Don Cody

“I see so many things that are going to open up and develop. I think we’re going to have an incredible, incredible city and I’m just proud to be part of it.” — Ward 7 Coun. Mark Tweidt, in by acclamation

“How can a person making $10 per hour afford a home? How can they afford to rent a home, or even better themselves to get that home? I think some of the pressure should be put on city hall to (resolve) that.” — Ward 3 candidate Conrad Burns



“I think things behind closed doors in an open civic government, it’s not the way to do business. Citizens deserve to know where things are.” — Ward 2 candidate Rick Orr

“There are issues that come to committee as a whole that are very questionable as to their need or requirement to be there, because the qualifications that we use — land legal or labour — are very clear.” — Ward 5 incumbent Cheryl Ring

“There’s a lot of times there’s not enough information and people don’t know what’s going on.” — Ward 2 candidate Chad Mogg

“All you have to do is ask for it and the information’s there. Information’s been made to me every time I’ve asked for it.” — Ward 8 incumbent Ted Zurakowski

“No disrespect to my colleague who’s running as incumbent, but it’s happened before with other council that there’s no real knowledge of what’s taking place and how it’s affecting the neighbourhood.” — Ward 1 candidate Jim Tsannie Sr.


Community needs

“A standing seniors’ advisory council reporting directly to city council should give us a better opportunity to take better care of our seniors by helping us see their needs and making sure that they are taken care of properly.” — Ward 2 candidate Joel Thiessen

“I don’t just sit on these boards and committees and make policies, but I’m involved in those organizations. I volunteer for them.” — Ward 5 incumbent Cheryl Ring

“Just having more programs that are affordable for youth, for seniors, for elders … Everyone should have access to that.” — Ward 2 candidate Colleen Whitedeer

“I’d like to see a lot more community-driven events, where you actually get out and meet your neighbours and talk to them … I think we need to do more empowerment and really get behind people and support them.” — Ward 3 candidate Conrad Burns

“You throw a pebble into the water and it starts as one small ripple and it spreads throughout. It’s the same with our communities. We’ve got to work on our communities and expand out.” — Ward 3 candidate Conrad Burns

“To make a vibrant, healthy community, I think a few flowers, they don’t hurt! It’s the little things and the big things that have to be balanced.” — Ward 5 incumbent Cheryl Ring

“We have all the facilities that really enhance our lifestyle, here, and they’re affordable. They need some funding from the municipal level to keep them affordable for most people, and if you were to privatize some of those it would probably put them out of reach.” — Ward 6 incumbent Martin Ring

“Sure, we have recreational programs and facilities, but in regards to affordability and being youth and family friendly, that’s something we need to work towards … We need to engage families and youth in that programming.” — Ward 2 candidate Peggi-Lynn Gatin



“There are times where you have to do some efficiencies. How efficient is the city? I don’t know, but I intend to find out. How do we spend our money? I’m not sure, but I’ll find out.” — Ward 4 candidate Don Cody

“Why were the plans in place not met, and why did you have to keep pulling from reserves?” — Ward 4 candidate Darwin Zurakowski, on the city’s budget

“If you’re going to run something, to do a true cost in the budget for the total operation, make them accountable to the taxpayer. You can’t run a business unless you know what your costs are … Let’s not treat our citizens like they’re wearing blinders or they don’t understand what we’re doing.” — Ward 8 candidate David Koester

“A new hospital project? Massive, massive taxation to fund that, but I think we should be pressing for diagnostic equipment to come to our hospital.” — Ward 3 incumbent Lee Atkinson

“We have some trouble times, possibly, coming with deficits coming with crumbling infrastructure, cost increases due to labour and pension-funding issues … (It’s time to) deal with them together as a group and as a community.” — Ward 2 candidate Rick Orr

Organizations: Daily Herald, Prince Albert

Geographic location: Riverside Drive, Saskatoon, Prince Albert P.A.

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