8 Seconds

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I read an article today by Erik Oster talking about Generation Z. 


I didn’t know we had arrived to Z yet, but it’s here.  This is the generation after the “Millennials”, this is the 19 and younger social networking savants that discover, test and discard new apps before I even get around to finding them.


One of the items in his article is an infographic that condenses a whole lot of research into one very visual package.   The research shows that the average American’s attention span is 8 seconds.


So if you’re American, you might not have made it this far.  Kidding, but not really kidding. 


Can you imagine – this is an average, which by definition means there are at least 50% that have SHORTER attention spans than this…?  And those folks stopped reading at the first line.


I may be considered a pretty strict mom because if my children ever wandered away from a task after 8 seconds, they’d certainly be returned to it.


Is this a by-product of technology, or a slackening of parental teaching?  I have taught my children to sit still.  I have taught them to be patient (some more than others).  I have taught them that interrupting is wrong. 


Are parents forgetting to teach focus, patience, determination, tolerance, concentration?  Is this a lifeskill that the Generation Z is going to miss out on?


Wow.  8 seconds of attention, and we’re expected to send out a message that will hold them still.

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