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I’ve been trying for awhile to write about  the scope of the available advertising tools from TC Media, but also the reasons why a business would choose us over a competitor.  I’ve written it several times and erased everything and now I’m starting again.  It’s a huge concept and here’s why…


TC Media is constantly evolving their products and services.  There is literally a unit devoted to “thinking things up”.  Not that it’s called that, but that’s what they do.  Not just products that fit in with what we already have, but products that fit what the customer sees a need for.  It’s pretty amazing that the entire mentality is focused on the customer first.  Lots of companies claim to do this, but I’ve seen first hand how passionate the developers get with the services they’re creating.


TC Media has this huge local advantage – the majority of the local newspapers in rural towns and cities belong to our newspaper group, and in these areas, is simply known as the “Newspaper” – the Daily Herald, the Times Herald, the Triangle News, the Swift Current Booster and many more.  Not too many larger corporations can say that they have local content – the high school’s basketball team winning the championship, the local civic elections and incumbents, etc.  It’s a nice feeling to have that you’re backed up by one of the largest media companies in North America.  And not too many small companies have the strength of a large corporation to lean on, like we do.


We truly can reach a staggering amount of people with our content – which mean our advertisers can also access this coverage.  With our combined print and online offering we offer visibility like no other.    There is not a single advertising outlet that has the comparable reach we do.  None of the local news-websites have the reach, none of the local shopper magazines have the reach.   We don’t inflate our numbers or exaggerate, we just don’t have to.  We don’t have to brag that we are the best at what we do, because it is our advertisers and readers that determine that.


Our credibility is determined by you, our readers, and we love to know who you are and where you are.  To do this we measure the online readers to our website through a tool called Google Analytics.  For those of you unaware of how this works, Google tracks the visits to our websites each month and we can access information to share with our advertisers.  We are open with this information and freely share it.  It is a little like showing off a perfect attendance record.


I guess it boils down to just one thing (in my opinion).  When you were growing up, and your mother or father or whomever told you over and over, “Be aware of the company you keep” the same principle applies here.   If I were a highly respected business and had a pristine reputation for excellence, I would want to align myself with peers and equals.  I believe this is why our clients, readers and advertisers are the best in the industry.

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