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I found a muscle today in my left leg.

At some point today I placed my hand on my leg when I stood up and a bulge happened. My leg had never had a bulge there, so I tried this several more times.

I walked down the hallway at work with my left hand resting lightly on my leg with just my fingertips reaching my kneecap and a funny thing happened. I realized I'm developing muscle tone.

I was not yet sure though, so I placed both hands on my legs and rocked back and forth to the left and right waiting to see if it happened again. It did. On both sides.

Yet I was still skeptical. I have never had muscle tone, and I have certainly never been able to feel a flex in a muscle (on me). So, I experimented. I placed my hands in my legs again and slowly paced down the hallway taking overly exaggerated sized steps, three lengths instead of one -- as slowly as I could. It happened each time. The top of my leg went from soft to hard as I walked. This is probably the most fascinating thing to happen to me in a long while.

Thankfully my coworkers are great people and didn't make any comments about my Monty Python in the hallway.

I had no muscle whatsoever. I kid myself into thinking that I was active -- running after children and such. Not even close.

I'm so comfortable with my mom-squishy self this never even occurred to me. I had no idea what a muscle really felt like.

I made my husband feel my leg when I got home. Like showing off a trophy. Proud and excited. He looked at me a little strange, but he was happy for me.

I feel as though I have accomplished a part of something. I don't know what my shape will be by week 52 so each little piece of the puzzle is something new to me.

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